Being Homesick While Away at School is Normal

Last year when I was a freshman, my greatest fear going into college was that I would constantly be homesick. A lot of people do get homesick during their first few weeks at school, but, to my surprise, I wasn't In fact, I only visited home twice my first semester here at school.

This year as a sophomore, however, it's completely different. I'm not living in a dorm, so I have to be more independent. My classes have become harder and with that I have way more homework and studying to do. In the midst of all this chaos, I've realized I miss home more often.

At first, I felt kind of stupid for missing home so much because I am supposed to be an adult and be able to handle living on my own. I didn't think it was normal to be homesick so early into my second year of college. Despite this, I visited my family.

While home, I felt so much better. I was able to get some work done, I felt more relaxed, and it was nice to have a home-cooked meal for once. It was then I realized that it was completely normal to want to be home.

Growing up with your family for eighteen years and then suddenly living alone is perfect reason to miss being home. There's absolutely nothing immature or childish about wanting to be with your family. Sometimes you just need to be around people you know have your best interests at heart and love you.

There is no reason to feel embarrassed about visiting home once in a while or even every weekend. As long as you do what makes you happy, nothing else matters. I think it's important to keep your family close while away for so long, anyway. So, go ahead and give your parents a visit; they miss you too.

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