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7 Cures For Your FOMO, If You're Not Spring-Breaking With Your Homies

If you're like me and your spring break plans fell through, here are a few things I will be doing to occupy myself during my extreme FOMO.

Samantha Ziganto

I think deep down all of us college students who aren't going somewhere tropical and warm are very sad, cause I sure am, but I am still going to make the most out of my time in good ole Downers Grove.

Catching up on sleep

It might sound lame, but when you're as busy as I am, any chance you get to catch up on sleep is a chance you should take. Many of us are still sharing rooms at school, so we don't always get to nap whenever we want. Being home with all the opportunity to nap will be the best part of the break, for me.

Shopping till I'm dropping

Shopping is a need — am I right, ladies? I'm a clothing-hoarder, so why wouldn't I go shopping to collect more clothing to hide in my closet for the next three years?

Seeing my home bestie

My best friend from home will also be home for spring break. And, you guessed it: we made plans to go somewhere and they fell through. So, what will we be doing? We will be spending our spring break doing nothing (literally).

That self-care

I cannot wait to just chill in a robe with a face mask on. Unfortunately, I'm not lucky enough to have alone time at school, which makes being home even better. I can focus on taking care of my mind and body — we stan self-care, don't we?

Not being sunburned 

This one is funny because it hits close to home. I am one of those people that gets burned any time I go out in the sun without sunscreen. So, deep down, I'm very thankful I'm not going on one of those planned-out trips where I'm in the sun all day.

Cleaning out my WHOLE room

I don't know if it's just me, but whenever I'm home for a break or a random weekend, my room looks like a tornado came through it. I bring clothes home to leave there and then, bring stuff back that I need at school, which usually means my room is a mess every time I leave, and I get yelled at. This spring break I will be deep cleaning my bedroom, but not just my room. I also have a bathroom and two closets in my room, so I will be cleaning those as well. Wish me luck!

Being with my fam

I'm really looking forward to spending time with my family because a weekend home is never enough. My grandparents will be home from Florida; my parents and my brother will all be around. So, getting to spend actual time with them will be really good for me.

If you have zero plans to look forward to for spring break like me, just look at the upside of having more time for yourself. When you don't seem to get a lot of time for just yourself, a whole week to detox your mind and body will be amazing. After being at school for eight straight weeks with non-stop school work, a relaxing week is exactly how I want to spend my spring break.

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