Being Present

At times, there seems to be a fight for words. A fight for those special, magic words that will end all wounds cease all pain. Our very spirits bubble over, all in an honest pursuit to ease the aches of those around us. But in our pursuit for wordiness, for healing, we have forgotten the simplicity of presence. We have brushed it aside, silenced it at the door. Our words have trumped action. We try so desperately to mend a heart, that we have forgotten to listen to what ails it.

There is beauty found in a listening heart, a quiet spirit. How often do we undervalue the aspect of simply being, being with one another? Do not forget silence has its own language.

In the same way, never underestimate the power of people. The power of God to place someone, so specifically during your walk. Appreciate those who join your table, enter your room, walk your path. I feel at times not able, not ready for someone to join me in whatever I am working on at the time. It's so easy to drown out the noise, listen to some prerecorded track and mind my own business as I walk from class to class. But how often do I miss some beating heart? How often could a simple "hello" have been the spark of something, so needed? And so, never dismiss the power of placement, the power of God to know when, where, and why. I think briefly of a Mimicking Birds lyric, "...know 'where' and step that way, know 'when' and catch that wave, know 'why' so lie awake." By learning to be with people, we can gain a deeper perspective of the Kingdom. So when the time comes, we will have greater knowledge of the Father's heart.

Allow yourself to simply be. It is a difficult thing, working at the discipline of silence. And not just silence itself, but a listening heart. Receiving what the other is saying, and understanding it; not to solve each hurt, but to know that what is being said is as well being validated. It will not be easy, but the pursuit is such a worthy one. Sometimes, we must "get ourselves out of the way," as my counseling professor likes to say. Sometimes, it is not about you, and how you feel. Sometimes, it is simply being a source, using yourself as a trustworthy presence for someone to share their heart, their worries, their brokenness.

There is something beautiful, something so human, about simply being. The comfortable stillness of friendship, becoming silent in communion in another's presence. Sometimes, this is enough. There is a wholeness felt in this sort of companionship; there is deep comfort found. Be that comfort, and be that present source.

"God is our refuge and strength,

A very present help in trouble."

Psalm 46:1

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