1. You're allowed to spoil them.

Ice cream run after school? You bet. Trip to the park? Of course. New loud toy they're been wanting? Already bought and stored for their birthday.

2. You're one of the coolest people they know.

Mom and Dad are lame. Grandma and Grandpa are fun, but Aunts and Uncles are the total coolest.

3. They're like tiny best friends.

Especially as they start getting older. There's no judgment coming from your nieces or nephews.

4. They love you unconditionally.

They love you just because you're you. No matter what happens, even if you do have to have a little tough love sometimes, they'll always love you with their whole heart.

5. And you love them just as much.

I never felt as deep and as pure of a love as I did the first time I held my oldest niece. My small heard of nieces and nephews hold every piece of my heart.