Being Apart From Your Best Friend At College

Even though college is an extremely exciting time filled with new experiences and new friendships, I can't forget about the friendships and memories I created in high school with my best friends. Don't get me wrong, I love the people at my college and I think I have already made new friendships that will last a lifetime. But, the friendship I formed with one of my best friends, Brittany, since freshmen year of high school will always hold a special place in my heart.

Up until this past weekend, it's been almost two months since the last time that I saw her. This is so strange to me because we used to see each other practically every single day for four years. We would constantly see each other at school, whether we had classes together, ate lunch together, or just casually walked past each other with a wave and a smile in the halls. We did community service together for a few hours every Monday after school all of junior and senior year. Brittany and I had sleepovers practically every single weekend. Not even to mention the countless days we spent together over the summers. There were quite a few days in the summer where we would have sleepovers for four or five nights in a row. And the most amazing thing? We didn't fight or get sick of each other at all. Between going to concerts together, apple picking, the movies, bowling, several shopping trips, or just driving around and going on crazy adventures, we were inseparable and always had the best times together.

As you could imagine with our insanely tight bond, being apart for so long at college has taken a toll on me. I'm sure several of you can relate to this, whether you are currently in college or maybe something else is causing physical distance and separation from you and your best friend. It's not easy to be apart from someone you're used to seeing every day and who has become such an important and special part of your life. And sure, we still talk every day, whether it's on the phone, texting, snapchatting, etc. but it's not the same as being in person.

Sure, I'm grateful for technology so I could at least communicate with her that way on a daily basis. However, this past weekend I was finally able to reunite with her in person. This past Friday was my birthday. Since I go to school in Long Island and she goes to school in Manhattan, I got on a train to meet up with her at Penn Station. When I saw her standing there to meet me I wanted to cry. I ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug; I was so happy to finally see her again after these past two months. We then got on a bus and took the subway to get to her dorm. I dropped off my stuff and she gave me a really sweet birthday card and present. Then we went to the MoMA because it was free night at the museum. I have always wanted to go to that museum, and it was absolutely amazing. I finally got to see incredible and famous masterpieces, such as Starry Night and The Persistence of Memory. After touring the museum, we then took the Subway to Times Square to walk around and take pictures. Then, we went to Domino's and brought it back to her dorm room. We ate dinner, watched funny Youtube videos, talked, and shared a bunch of laughs. It was just like old times, except instead of having a sleepover at our houses, we were in her dorm room in NYC. We then walked to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop to get some dessert right before it turned midnight. It was a really great birthday and I'm so grateful I got to spend it with my best friend.

The next day we walked around the city taking some more pictures, talking, and catching up on our lives. After another great day together, the time came where I had to get on a train back to my college. It was bittersweet to hug and say goodbye to my best friend. I didn't want to leave, but I know that it will be ok. We will still talk every single day, and I'll be back visiting her before I know it. Plus, she's going to come visit me soon too at my school. We might be apart in miles, but we are always still there for each other in spirit. Distance isn't a problem when you are willing to put in the effort. I love my best friend, and I know that we will continue to have many more exciting and fun-filled times and memories in the future.

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