9 Things That Are True When You’re An Intimidating Person

We all know intimidating people, and even sometimes we are THAT person. Some of us can help it, others just really can't. It can be a positive thing, but most people view it as negative when it's them. So here are nine things that are true when you're an intimidating person.

1. Making friends can be a challenge

Being an intimidating person means that when you're friends with someone for a long enough time, they hit you with the, "When I met you, I thought you were a b*tch."

2. You're mistaken for mean

I view myself as really kind. Sometimes too kind to be honest. Though, sometimes people think I'm mean, just because of the way I enter a room.

3. People are less likely to be rude to you

If you walk into a room with confidence and the intimidating vibe, you are more likely to be treated better than the person behind you.

4. You're a surprise

Yes, people find you intimidating. But once they get to know you, they're going to see the real you, and it's bomb as heck!

5. You make your presence known

All you have to do is step into a room, and people know you're there.

6. You know how to use your personality to your advantage

I personally have started learning how to control my intimidating side. Once you learn how to control it, you'll know when to give it off and when not to. You'll know when you can use it to get what you want.

7. Having an intimidating personality does not mean you're mean

Sometimes silence is louder than words. If you're a silent intimidating person like me, you know your face shows it all...maybe more than you want to show.

8. Intimidating is mistaken for jealousy

This one is annoying. You're not jealous, you just radiate something that not many people understand.

9. You know what you want and when you want it


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