I’m An English Major And Yes I’m Sure I Want To Do This, So Please Stop Asking.

I’m An English Major And Yes I’m Sure I Want To Do This, So Please Stop Asking.

The truth about the condescending perception of English majors.

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Since I was in middle school, I loved to express myself on paper, I dabbled with my creativity in journals and always found myself developing original content. As I began high school, I followed what came naturally to me and joined my school's newspaper in which I became an editor by the time I graduated. When I enrolled in college, everyone around me suggested that I start to take my future seriously and leave my beloved hobby behind, so I majored in nursing and it was the worst decision I ever made.

My first semester of college was miserable due to my disinterest in the medical field, but I stuck it through because it was a financially stable career in the long run. After damaging my GPA over courses I didn't want to take, I finally decided to follow the career path I had dreamed of since I was young and I became an English major. After making the switch, I found that I was enrolled in courses that I couldn't bear to skip because of how much I valued what I learned in every class. Becoming an English major inspired me as a student to create my best work for courses and enlightened me as an individual to be confident that I am on the right path.

Although I've never been happier with my decision, I have received a lot of condescending criticism about my major and my future plans. When most people hear "English major" they immediately assume that I didn't have the mental capacity to take on a more difficult major or that I will most likely switch out of it to stabilize my future. Entrepreneurs who want to start businesses from scratch get praised for their ingenuity and risks but those who dream of writing books, articles, or being editors get looked down upon. English majors don't seem to get the credit they deserve until they get recognized far into their career, making it that much harder to hold on to dreams and aspirations.

Yes, I am an English major and yes, I am 100% sure that I want to do this. My natural talents and ambitions all fall under the creation of compositions for individuals to read, learn, and be entertained by. If you are an aspiring English major with goals to turn your creativity into a career, look past the uncomplimentary views of most because our world would not be the same without the classic historical compositions that influenced this society's culture.

It is important to support the ambitions of young college students instead of focusing on the average salary a major will earn. You are the only person who understands your limits and advantages, so follow your dreams and work hard to prove all the critics wrong.

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