Dogs are your best friend. You can be going through the worst time of your life and your dog will still love you. You could yell bloody murder at your dog for breaking your favorite pair of shoes and your pet will still give you affection.

Waking up mad early

Listen, we all think dogs are so easy to take care of... Sike. I absolutely hate having to wake up early but my little guy makes sure he wakes me up every morning at 7:00 am to take him on a walk. Fun times

Getting peed on if I don't wake up mad early

My little guy is very young and he might be potty trained but it won't stop him from peeing all over my sheets if I don't wake up on his command.

Constantly needing to give your pet attention

My dog craves attention. He loves to be around people, on top of them, cuddles, playing, etc. When he's not sleeping he's pushing my hands off the keyboard or pushing my stuff off my lap to sit.

They keep you responsible 

Dogs rely on us more than we rely on them. We fed them, take them out, help them when they're sick, play with them, love them, etc. We are their whole world. Having a dog these past couple of weeks has made me more responsible. I constantly plan my life around him now but I'm grateful for it. I've seen a huge difference in myself since getting my little guy and how much more responsible I've become.

Best 'shoulder' to cry on

No matter how hard my life is getting or how bad I may feel, my dog is always there for me. He doesn't care if I yelled at him 10 minutes before crying, he'll still be there for me. Dogs are so loyal and they fed off of our emotions. They know when you need them to give you affection and reassurance that you'll be okay.

Dogs are just so precious. We really don't deserve them. No matter how much I complain about my little guy, I love him with my whole heart and can't imagine life without him. With that being said, I'm so thankful to have my little one.