For the past four summers, I have had the opportunity to work at the place I have called my "summer home" since I was 8 years-old. Summer camp was always the highlight of my year, and was the thing I looked forward to the most. It is the place that has given me countless memories, plenty of laughs, and amazing friends, so it was only fitting that I would work there for as long as I could.

Working with 5 year-olds is one of the most rewarding jobs out there. When your biggest concern is going into kindergarten, life is pretty simple. There is no teenage dram, or stress of finding what you want to do with your life- they just want to have fun! Working with kids has taught me to let go and not stress over the little things. As a counselor, it is your job to make sure kids have a great summer... what's a better job than that?!

Many of my childhood memories come from spending summers at camp. I remember the names of the counselors that have given me these incredible memories and who have truly had an impact on my life. Working at camp has given me the opportunity to give back, and be the counselor that my camper's will remember.

Although people may laugh at the idea of being a camp counselor and say that it isn't a "real job," I can testify that it is one of the hardest jobs out there. Being a camp counselor requires high energy, attention, and A LOT of work. It has also taught me important skills that will help me when I decide to venture in the professional world. I have learned about leadership, decision making, and time management while working at camp- and the best part of it all, was that my job didn't really feel like a job.

So for anyone who is feeling the stress of finding internships that will look great on your resume, you have TIME! Although it may seem that you need to be working in a fancy corporate office and networking 24/7, the truth is that all of that will come in the future. Enjoy your summers while you can, and find a summer job that actually makes you happy before you sell your soul to a summer internship.