The Beginning Of The Semester Described By Donald Trump

The Beginning Of The Semester Described By Donald Trump

He has a way with words.


From moving in and setting up your room, to syllabus week, to the semester moving ahead full speed forward by week two, the beginning of each new college year can get crazy.

There's so much going on in the beginning of the semester and it can definitely seem overwhelming, as most things seem in the beginning.

Luckily, there are GIFs to describe exactly those feelings.

1. Setting up your dorm to have the perfect dividing space between you and your roommate.

Sometimes a silent demarcation line isn’t enough and you actually DO need a wall.

2. We all know that the neat and orderly dorm we set up on day one will no longer be neat and orderly by day two.

Those nifty, space-saving drawers we all buy are put to waste each semester when it just becomes easier to have your shoes sprawled out all over the dorm instead.

3. …And also, this is how many of us will end up looking after the first night out.

It’s good to be back.

4. Feeling bold after a summer of working and offering to buy you and all your friends drinks the first few nights out.

Confidently whipping out that credit card on night one only leads to disappointedly putting that same card away by night five. Months of tireless work leaves us all feeling “really rich” when we first dive into the semester. Too bad it doesn’t last very long.

5. When someone asks you how you’ve been spending your free time at school so far.

There’s no better time than college to binge-watch any and every show. Say it proudly, just like DJT here.

6. When the long days of classes ACTUALLY begin (Not syllabus week).

Class after class after class after class gets old and tiring very quickly. It can leave us all looking as distressed (or more) as Trump looks here.

7. When you somehow have 4 tests, 5 papers, and 19 group projects to complete in the next week.

I can't believe it either.

8. Choosing to go out even though you have an 8 AM the next day (and even though previous semesters have taught you otherwise).

As enticing as it may sound, going out with an early class the next day just never seems to work in your favor. It definitely sounds good, but it also definitely doesn't work --just like many political ideals.

9.Feeling important and knowledgeable when a freshman asks you for directions on campus.

"Yes, I do know where that is."

10. When your professor asks you to write a paper on course material before you’ve even learned anything in that class.

No Professor, I cannot write a 5 page paper for your Cybernetics class yet because I don’t even know what Cybernetics is.

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