Before You Go Through Recruitment This Fall, Read This

Before You Go Through Recruitment This Fall, Read This

By the way, it's recruitment, not rush


Dear ladies going through Sorority Recruitment,

Please make friends with your dear Pi Chi leader (or whatever the leader is called at your campus). She is so excited to assist you through your recruitment process. She won't sugarcoat the trials and joys of being a sorority member. She won't try to get you into her own sorority chapter, because she took a vow of disaffiliating from (not identifying with) her sorority to help you find your best home. Your Pi Chi is excited to give you pep talks and stellar advice.

Your Pi Chi could be the best friend and support during recruitment, so take advantage of that opportunity and trust her throughout the process.

You see, a Pi Chi has been through what you are about to experience - recruitment. She has already gone through her own version of sorority recruitment (because everyone has a different sorority recruitment story). She has also been through the actual sorority experience, too.

She has gone through the many new member class meetings, been initiated into her chapter, helped create parade floats for Homecoming until 5AM in the morning, gone to get slushies at Sonic at midnight with sisters, and even been through the same disappointments that college inevitably brings... a bad relationship, a horrible professor, and hating the dining hall food choices.

This Pi Chi of yours knows certain things you don't. She too was blinded by the glamour and glitter at the sorority houses during recruitment instead of focusing on learning about the sorority's philanthropic mission. She too was tired - so very tired - of fumbling through awkward conversations during her recruitment, or of wearing high heels (I swear, just wear fancy schmancy sandals, you'll thank me later).

Your Pi Chi also knows that it takes time to solidify friendships once you get in a sorority. Your Pi Chi understands how excitement fades with time, and every sorority member usually faces a small moment of sorority mid-life crisis when she thinks (seriously or not) - why am I still in this organization? They stay because they know it's not always easy, but the rewards of being an upstanding sorority member (embracing the values, the ups and downs, and forgiving the sorority when it isn't the best thing ever) is worth it.

I say all of this so you understand who I am as a Pi Chi, and who the other Pi Chis are at Missouri State University.

Trust that we know more than you do about sororities, especially the sororities at our campus that we have been a part of (unlike your mom, sisters, grandmas, or friends from home who have never stepped foot on our campus).

Trust that we have your best interests at heart - like, we aren't going to convince you to join our chapter. That's why we don't tell you our chapter because we just want you to be happy. Seriously, we just want you find the place you can grow the best in.

Trust that even though sorority life isn't always a bed of roses, it has the potential to make you a better leader, a compassionate friend, and a lifelong sister. It's all about what you personally will make of it. Isn't that cool? A sorority is what you can make of it - you have so much power to do good.

And here is the biggest secret of all -

You are a bright, kind, and caring woman and you can find a home in any chapter on this campus. Why? Because someone just like you is in every chapter on this campus. That's right, you can find a home in any chapter on this campus.

So take a deep breath, my dear potential new member of a sorority at Missouri State University. Be your most authentic and positive self and go out there and rock recruitment.


A Pi Chi named Brooke

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My Sisterhood Is Not Your Joke

Between stereotypes and laughing at our traditions, the teasing needs to stop.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that sororities are unlike any other organization. Each sorority is different, and every chapter has its own unique traditions. It is hard to understand why we do the things we do if you aren’t involved in Greek life. But because my sisterhood is different than your social group or service committee does not make it the brunt of your jokes.

Sorority girls are smart. We aren’t airheads who put our social lives before our grades. Most sororities require members to maintain a certain GPA. In some cases, girls who fall below a required academic standard have minor consequences to face. Sisters help each other study, attend class together, and encourage each other in academics. Many sorority girls go on to be successful in scientific fields, hold positions of authority in business endeavors, and impact lives of others no matter their profession.

I didn’t buy my friends nor am I in it for a resume builder. “Did you join a sorority so you can buy your friends because you can’t get them on your own?” This is my favorite. If I were in a sorority to buy my friends, my sisters would be a getting a whole lot back in terms of monetary compensation. As it turns out, you get so much more than money from a sorority. Because I joined a sisterhood, I have made my best friends. These girls will be there for the rest of college and hopefully the rest of my life. There is not enough money in the world that I could give them in return for their love and company. I also didn’t go through recruitment to build my resume. Yes, it definitely is a benefit to be a part of an organization that is nationally known in terms of service and leadership opportunities. But no, that’s not why I joined.

We don’t get drunk and hook up with guys every time we go to a party. You might think it’s funny to ask me every time I come home from a party how many shots I took or how many guys I made out with, but it’s not. Things like this happen at parties, but that’s just how college is. It’s not specific to Greek organizations. I have never been told so many times that underage drinking is not allowed than I have by my sisters. Also, not every party or social event is some huge rager with obscene amounts of drugs and alcohol. In reality, very few of them are. A lot of social events held across Greek communities are really casual and for the purpose of just getting to know each other.

‘Big’ and “Little” aren’t just cute nicknames. My Big is my mentor, my best friend, and my family. Yes, I will always call her Big. No, that doesn’t just mean she was assigned to me after I signed my bid card. She didn’t pull my name out of a hat one day and decide she liked me. We were paired together because our personalities matched and because we would help each other grow and become the best members of our chapter that we could be.

Yes, my letters are everything. I cannot count the number of times someone has made a joke about the hand signs sorority girls hold up in pictures, better known as “throwing what we know.” Yes, it’s silly, but it’s important. Throwing what we know is a way for each of us to make our mark and to remember the moments we’ve shared with our sisters. It reminds me that everywhere I go, I am representing my sisterhood and the values we uphold.

We keep the most important things a secret. Sorry, no matter how much you poke and prod, I am not going to tell you our initiation ritual. This is the most important moment of being a member of a sisterhood, and it isn’t to be shared with people who don’t appreciate it. Keeping these special moments safe within the sisterhood is a way that the members draw closer together. Rituals and traditions are why a lot of girls join and choose to stay in a sorority. It’s how each girl connects to her sisters.

You will never understand what it means to be a sorority unless you join one. I’m not saying to go and sign up for recruitment right now because it isn’t for everyone. It’s important however, to realize that just because we do things a little bit differently than you might or we have some habits you might find odd doesn’t mean we need to be your jokes. We are not a stereotype, each sister is different, and if you took the time to meet us and listen to us talk about how much we love Greek life, you will see us all a little differently.

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Joining A Sorority Was The Best Decision Of My Life

I have met my future bridesmaids, my best friends, and now my family.


When I was in high school, I always thought about how college would be once I graduated. I thought about what classes I would take, what the campus would look like, and what I would major in. The thing I was concerned about the most was how I as going to make friends. I was moving to a college a couple of hours away from my home and I was not going to know anyone. I was literally picking up my life and moving it without knowing what lies before me.

I was talking to my aunt right after I graduated and she asked me if I would be interested in sorority life. I had never thought about being in a sorority before. We talked it over and she told me about all the things she got to do when she was at college. She told me things such as what events she got to be in, the people she met, and the friends that she still keeps in touch with to this day. I decided right there that a sorority was a good choice for me.

The closer towards the end of summer, the more excited I got for college and possibly joining a sorority. I did my research before coming into college about what sorority I could see myself in. I was super nervous and doubted myself at times but I pushed forward and kept pursuing sorority life. I was invited to a summer social where you go and get to meet a handful of the actual girls in these sororities and ask them any questions you have.

When I got there, my mom and I were so excited. We got upstairs and everything looked so pretty. All the girls were so nice and welcoming and it really made me fall in love with my college even more. I got to talk to each sorority through a representative. I knew by the end of the day that sorority life was going to be a great adventure, but I had no idea just what I was getting into.

The recruitment weekend was super stressful. I had to get up early each morning and be in full glam mode which for me means hair done and makeup fully on. We had specific outfits to ear each day. I was very nervous that something would go wrong and I would not get picked or the girls would not like me. Each party that I went to was different but it showed me all kinds of different aspects of each sorority.

Each one had something great about them and I thought I knew which one fit me best, but I would soon be proven wrong. The last day of recruitment was Bid Day. This is the day you find out what sorority you will be joining if you accept the bid from that sorority. I opened my envelope and saw a name that I was not expecting and I was devastated. I felt unaccepted. I had received a bid from Delta Zeta. This is not the name I wanted to see on my paper, but it is what I got so I stuck it out and tried to look on the bright side.

I quickly realized that getting the bid from Delta Zeta was the best thing that ever happened to me. I have found that sorority that I dreamed of when I first thought about joining a sorority. I have made so many friends and met some many wonderful people. My sisters love me for me and it has made me the happiest girl in the world.

Not only are they your own personal therapist, but they help you with school too. They hold you to a higher standard and you are placed on a pedestal of honor when people see you in your letters. I have met my future bridesmaids, my best friends, and now my family. I am so thankful for Delta Zeta for picking me to be apart of this amazing organization. I will never be able to express my love for Delta Zeta because the words are endless.

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