It's easy to get caught up in winter vacation. If you're anything like the normal college student you're probably spend the days laying in bed trying to catch up on sleep, eating normal food out of your fridge, and working to save up on money to spend. Between doing all three, it's easy to forget about the things you once did in your home town or what you've always wanted to do.

1. Watch the sunrise

Find a high place in your town or go to the best view that you can think of. Get there early enough and set up a blanket outside your car and bring your favorite snack and your best friends. Chit chat, munch on food, and enjoy the beautiful view that you don't get to see enough of.

2. Get breakfast

No, I don't mean to go through the McDonald's drive through and order a breakfast sandwich. If that's really what you want to do, then don't let me stop you. What you should really do though is go to a tiny diner and order something extravagant. Stuffed french toast? Yes, please. A western omelet? Bring it on out.

3. Practice some casual hairstyles to bring into spring

Ever wake up in the morning and your hair is just plain and you want to find something to do with it? Everything is either too boring, too extravagant, or too complicated. Take these few days and work out some looks that will take you five minutes in the morning, but will have people turning heads.

4. Treat yo-self

Who has the time at school to deep condition their hair? Not that many people. Take a day to relax in the bath, make your hair nice and soft, moisturize your body, and try out as many face masks as possible. It'll be easy to get caught up in the late nights in the library and all of a sudden, you're taking five minute showers and passing out as soon as your body hits your bed.

5. Have a sleepover with your friends

You're going to miss the casual bonding time with your friends. Squeeze as much time as possible in with them and stay up all night gossiping about the people in high school that you don't even know.

6. Choose a healthy snack to be obsessed with

It's easy to get caught up in the unhealthy dining hall food, late night microwavable mac and cheese, and morning pop tarts. Browse Pinterest and your local grocery store isles and find a food you love. Even if you have to make it yourself. Buy the ingredients now and prep. Pack them up in little containers and bring them to school.

7. Stock up on school supplies

Sure, you probably don't even want to think about school, but unfortunately, you need to. Make sure you have enough pencils, papers, folders, whatever you may need to survive the next semester. Treat yourself to a new book bag, or a new water bottle. You're going to need all of the basics to make it.