Becoming Yourself

As life goes on, you become more and more of an individual. As a child, your parents knew everything about your life. They drove you to school and softball practice and they picked you up from your best friend's house after a sleep over. They also knew how you could not sleep without your night light on until you were eight and how ever since you were a little baby you loved it when it rained. They knew everything about you that made you, you. And then you got older and you made better friends. Your friends knew that you failed your science quiz and hid the paper from your parents. They knew that you would never let them borrow your favorite grey hoodie. They would never find out about the nightlight, but it seemed like now they knew a little bit more about you than your parents did. As you moved on to high school you met even more people. They had no idea that you still had a silly grey hoodie hanging in your closet even though your mom tried to make you throw it out two years ago. In fact, no one but you knew that. These knew friends did know that sometimes you arrived late to class and called yourself out so your mom would not be mad. They knew exactly who you wanted to go to Homecoming with and they swore they would not tell anyone. You soon found that it was easier to be around these people. They might not know the exact address to your kindergarten best friend's house like your dad does, but you do not feel like you have to justify your actions to them. They understand you better than anyone else because they know the most about how you feel and what your life is like on a day to day basis. Then you graduate and you find yourself halfway across the country. Your with people you have never met before and you soon find yourself telling them that you have always loved the rain and you find yourself defending your high school crush. For the first time in your life, you are not around people who know something about you. You realize that to them you are a blank slate. As you go on to present yourself and make memories with these new people, you realize that everything you shared with your friends and family back home is fading into the distance. The failed science test seems decades away and you begin to wonder how the people you knew for years would react to the way you walk, talk, think and act today. You suddenly see that through it all, through all the show-and-tells and football games and phone calls and vactions, you were not only making memories with people you loved, you were makng y ourself, Everytime you made a descions you etching a mold of who you are in the world around you. You were no longer contained by the lode scions of your parents, the experiences with your friends. You became you because you did things that were fully your own. The only person who went through the journey you went through, was you. All along you have been your oldest and most trustworthy firend. All along you have been there to know and understand yourself.

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