Growing up with a sister who is nine years older than me, I always knew I'd be an aunt at a young age. And finally, after 19 years of (im)patiently awaiting a niece or a nephew, I'm finally going to be an aunt to the most perfect little niece! I could not be more excited not only for this girl to be born but also for my sister to enter the world of motherhood.

As I mentioned, my sister is nine years older than me, so she isn't just a sister, but she is kind of like a mom as well. Often times people look at me funny when I say things like "oh, my sister doesn't want me to do that," or "my sister thinks this is a good idea." I often hear "well she isn't your mom."

Although she isn't my mom, she has always been maternal towards me, and she consistently watches me, checks on me, keeps me out of trouble, and so on. She always knows what the right thing to do is, and she has always guided me through my life. Therefore, I'll always listen to her the way a daughter would a mother. She always has my best interests in mind.

She played a major role in raising me, and honestly, without her, I'd be a totally different person. Seeing how well she raised me makes me so excited to see her raise her own child. Not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but I think I turned out alright! It is time to take all of that practice she had on me and reciprocate it to her own daughter.

I know she is going to be the most amazing mother ever becauseI've seen first hand how my sister handles situations that a mother would have to deal with. I know that if anyone is suited to be a mother, it is her. I am so excited to see her take this next step in her life.

Watching her and her husband go from falling in love in high school to getting married to buying their first house to having their first kid has been magical to watch, and I know they will make the best parents.

With my sister becoming a mother, I, by default, become an aunt! I have been waiting my whole life to be an aunt, and I am so excited and ready to step up to the plate and assume the responsibilities that being an aunt include. I already love this girl so much, and I haven't even met her yet. (She doesn't even have a name yet!)

It is so strange, yet so amazing to love someone so much, who doesn't even truly exist in this world yet.

I'm so excited to read to her, and play with her, babysit, and spend time with her! I am totally ready to assume the role of "the cool aunt." I've already bought her so many outfits. (She's going to be the best-dressed baby on the block!) There is no doubt in my mind that I will love her as my own.

I have a very close relationship with one of my aunts, and I am so grateful for that relationship. I hope to have a similar relationship with my niece, except now, I'll be the aunt! Honestly, I just can't wait to meet this girl! She already means the world to me.

In conclusion, I know based off of my life, that my sister will be the best mother ever. Also, I know that her husband will be the best father just because of how great of a person he is. I already love this baby with my whole heart, and she isn't even born yet. I can't wait to watch her grow into an amazing young woman.

I love you, baby girl! See you in February 2019!

-Aunt Nori