Because you are original, you are only satisfied with the original!
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Because you are original, you are only satisfied with the original!

Because you are original, you are only satisfied with the original!

Phone zone store

Because you are original, you are only satisfied with the original!

Phone zone store is a certified Saudi brand based in Jeddah. It specializes in mobile supplies, mobile accessories and other smart technical products. Phone Zone is your first destination that provides you with everything you want without the sense of second stores, and it is one of the leading retail stores in Saudi Arabia, where you can find many Apple and Android phones, smart devices, mobile accessories, chargers, cables, headphones, and many more, all in one place to make your life easier and give you peace of mind. All iPhone Zone products are original and follow the Saudi specifications at the best prices.

Where did the idea for iPhone Zone come from?

The Saudi society is a youthful, technology-loving society that eagerly pursues the latest, most advanced and modern technologies, and is fully aware of its needs and the needs of its devices such as chargers, cables and other mobile accessories. We had the idea of collecting all the technical products in one place that is easy for customers to access and browse and choose what they need from the original products at a satisfactory price, in only one store that achieves all of that, and from that moment the idea of the Phone Zone store became apparent, and then the idea became a real store You can access it from anywhere in the Kingdom with ease and ease, and buy everything related to technical devices, smart phones and their original accessories with high reliability and a double guarantee.

Our first goal in the Phone Zone store is to provide you with everything your mobile needs from accessories, chargers, cables, charging pads, headphones and others through our online store, in addition to enjoying a faster and easier online shopping experience, where Phone Zone has a wide range of products with original and reliable brands At a price that suits you, you will find many products from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Mog Max, Cara, RAVPower, Joy, Anker, Moxum, Zendor, Honor, Jerome, Belkin, JBL, SBS and many more that cannot be mentioned here.

About the most important products provided by the phone zone store:

mobile batteries.

Charging and data transmission cables.

Wired headphones.

Wireless headphones.

Loudspeakers and amplifiers.

Car chargers of all kinds.

Car stands for mobile and magnetic holder.

Household chargers.

HD connections.

AUX audio connections.

Screen protection for smartphones of all kinds and shapes.

Protective cases for smartphones of all kinds.

What are the advantages of the phone zone store?

Two years warranty on the products you buy from the Phone Zone store.

The possibility of shipping to all cities and regions of the Kingdom with multiple shipping options.

Multiple payment methods.

Exclusive offers via the Phone Zone online store.

In order to ensure our customers' satisfaction, all purchases made at PhoneZone are free to return or exchange within 7 days from the date of delivery.

The customer has the right to cancel the order before the shipment is delivered to the shipping company. If the shipment is canceled after the order is executed, the store has the right to return the value of the product only and deduct the value of the shipment, including free shipping. When the shipment is canceled after its implementation, the value of the shipment will be deducted from the product.

Providing Tamara service, which is a payment method that enables the customer to purchase now and pay later either in 3 easy installments or within 30 days from the date of shipping the order without any additional fees.

Providing Tappy service, which is a new way to pay without using your credit card. Tappy gives you the freedom to pay later: Pay in full, 14 days after delivery or in monthly installments.

Affiliate marketing is a promotional process for iPhone Zone Store products carried out by social media influencers, content providers, delegates and marketers, so they can get a return for each successful sale.

Is the Phone Zone Online Store reliable?

Phonezone is one of the trusted platforms in the field of online shopping. It is registered as an official approved trademark in the e-commerce system and has the right to engage in online sales and is subject to the recognized regulations in the Arab countries locally and globally. It definitely provides original products and you can see reviews from customers who have experience buying products from the store

What about the iPhone Zone experience?

The PhoneZone experience is based on trust in the brand and the quality of customer service at a remote level to ensure that we continue to provide high quality and always get satisfaction.

We promise you that our products offer the best quality standards, as our group policy does not accept the import of low quality goods or that are not subject to certain guarantees. In addition, they are modern in idea and form and meet the needs of our customers with complete satisfaction.

Available payment methods:

Because our goal is to satisfy our customers, we in the Phone Zone store provide all possible payment methods to make it easier for them to choose the payment method that suits them and their needs as follows:

Visa Card.

Master Card.




STC Pay.


Paiement when recieving.

Are you a supplier, or a store owner and want to display your products on the phonezone store? We are always ready to help you, contact us through any of the following support channels:

You can visit the phonezone store via the following link:

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