8 Tried and True Beauty Products For Your Wishlist
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8 Tried And True Beauty Products For Your Wishlist

Whether you're the beauty guru looking for unfailing products to add to your holiday wish list or the friend wanting to give the perfect gift, here are eight beauty products that really work.


The beauty world can be a scary place to sift through. You might hear that certain products work for certain people, but how do you know they'll work for you? The truth is you don't know until you try them! That is why giving and receiving products as gifts are the perfect ways for people to try them out.

1. Becca | Backlight Priming Filter ($38)

This product is not so much a primer as it is the perfect subtle highlight. It can be used before or after foundation, or even when you're not wearing foundation at all! The frosted glass packaging is so luxurious, and the pump makes application really easy.

2. L'oreal Paris | Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara ($10)

This mascara has been a staple for me since it was first released. I remember trying it for the first time and loving how it provided my lashes with both length and volume. The part I love most about this product is that it doesn't transfer to my eyelids throughout the day! It has adorable pink and gold packaging and even more exciting, it's affordable!

3. Chanel | Soleil Tan De Chanel ($50)

I believe this product is marketed as a perfecting base, but I use it most frequently as a cream bronzer. One downside is it only comes in one shade, but the formula is so soft and offers the perfect sunkissed bronze. Again, this product smells SO good. A little bit goes a long way, so it will last you a long time too!

4. Cover Fx | Perfect Setting Powder ($35)

This powder offers the perfect amount of setting without accentuating any dry skin. While only two shades are offered, it is marketed as "translucent" so it can work for a variety of skin skintones. The packaging also includes a plastic sifter mechanism as well as a stopper, and this makes using it much easier and cleaner than other loose powders.

5. Benefit | 24-HR Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel ($24)

For when you just need your brows to stay in place, this is the ideal product. It does make the hair a bit crisp, but I'm always willing to accept that in exchange for knowing my brows won't be all out of place by the end of the day. I'm on my second tube of this product, which has lasted at least four months.

6. Sol de Janeiro | Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($20/$45)

This product, like many of the other products mentioned in this list, smells amazing. It absorbs fairly quickly so you don't have to deal with that slippery lotion feeling. Still, it leaves your skin feeling so soft for more than just a few minutes, and the scent really sticks. This lotion is fairly pricey, which is why it is an ideal holiday gift!

7. Real Techniques | Miracle Complexion Sponge ($6)

Much more affordable than the Beauty Blender, this sponge does the same job just as well if not better. The pointed part allows for really easy access to the corner of the under eye, and the flat part is great for larger parts of the face like the foreheads and cheeks. These also come in bulk packages!

8. Not Your Mother’s | Naturals Linseed Chia Blend & French Plum Seed Oil Volume Boost Dry Shampoo ($9)

I have found that this product really makes a difference in the volume of my hair, and really does seem to absorb the oils. When I use it I don't just feel like I'm covering up the look of oily hair, I really do think it works to make my hear FEEL clean again. This is the perfect affordable gift that also lasts for a fairly long time.

Hopefully at least a couple of these products stood out to you, because I can confidently say each of these products serve a good purpose. Again, some of their price points don't correlate with the average college student's available funds, and that is one reason why they make the perfect gifts! Happy holidays!

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