You can look all over the internet for ways to make yourself "more attractive." We find ways to make ourselves more appealing to others by changing our appearances, body, clothes.

But what's more attractive than all of that is your heart. Cheesy, yeah, but it's true! Here's a list of things that will make you more attractive to anyone, romantically or not.

1. Being Kind

There is nothing more attractive than when you're kind to others--especially to those who you might not always get along with. Just be kind to everyone, regardless of our differences.

2. Confidence

And not the arrogant kind. The kind where you're confident in who you are, regardless of who that is. Yeah, that's attractive.

3. Being Dependable

Knowing that you can count on someone makes you want to reach out when you need something. And when you feel bad about reaching out and they reassure you, it draws you to them when you're stuck in something.

4. Being Willing To Help

Again, with being dependable. If you're willing to help, no matter if it's setting up for something, raking the yard or helping vacuum before a party, it shows your heart.

5. Smile More

Smile at everyone you pass. You never know what kind of day they're having. Smile more and spread positivity.

6. Hold Doors For Others

My grandpa always told me to hold the door for others. It's a simple gesture that can go a long way, especially if the person is right behind you.

7. Put Your Phone Down

Spend time with whoever you are with. Be where you are. That is the most attractive thing you can do. Quality time is important. Don't become involved in where you're not, focus on where you are.