11 Badly-Photoshopped Pictures Of Celebrities That Will Make You Want To Help The Environment
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11 Badly-Photoshopped Pictures Of Celebrities That Will Make You Want To Help The Environment

If they can appear to make a difference, so can you!

11 Badly-Photoshopped Pictures Of Celebrities That Will Make You Want To Help The Environment
Colin Kohrs

Sometimes getting motivated about a cause can be difficult! One needs to really connect with a cause before one will play an active role. The environment is so precious and important, and must be protected. So, what's the most relateable thing other than celebrities? Here are 11 badly-photo-shopped pictures of celebrities that will make you want to help the environment.

1. Beyoncé helps the environment by cleaning oil off of affected wildlife.

2. Blake Lively helps the environment by picking up trash in her free time.

3. Charlie Hunnam helps the environment by bringing his canvas bags to the supermarket.

4. Jamie Dornan helps the environment by showing off his new tattoos.

5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt helps the environment by volunteering at the World Wildlife Fund.

6. Nicki Minaj helps the environment by shopping at her local Co-Op, and also uses canvas bags.

7. Zayn Malik helps the environment by planting trees to offset CO2 emissions.

8. Chris Evans helps the environment by bringing pro-environmental legislature to his local government.

9. Cara Delevingne helps the environment by unplugging her appliances when not in use.

10. Serena Williams helps the environment by turning off the lights before leaving a room.

11. Zac Efron is pictured outdoors.

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