You betrayed me

You betrayed me

You would have had the life of luxury forever as my lover

In fact you have, for a while

What did being pampered not make you happy?

Did living in Venice not make you happy?

Sure I had to suck your blood occasionally but

I needed it

I needed it to continue living so I could continue

To live this life with you that you apparently hated this whole time

Let's make one thing clear

I did not make you come with me

You packed a bag

You came with me

You said yes

You were dying to escape that life

I was your escape so how could you now betray me

How could you pretend that all our exhilarating nights

All our quiet moments

Our eyes locked on each other not wanting it to end

Never happened

Didn't mean anything to you

How could you believe him over me

He doesn't even know me like you do

He sure as hell doesn't know you like I do

So why choose his side

Is seeming "good" in the eyes of society

In the eyes of God

Really more important than how much I know I meant to you

Why do you care more about what he thinks- about what

People like him might someday think

Than what you and I know is real?