Listen, I too would joke about death with my friends. I get it, it's a millennial joke that we'll bring up sometimes with friends without even thinking too much into it.

But let's stop and think about it for a minute. What if you made this joke in front of a cancer survivor? Or someone who recently lost someone? Or someone who does feel that way inside?

Death is such a serious topic, yet we throw jokes around about it as if it were confetti. I know a lot of us don't mean to offend others, but we have to be more cautious about our word choices.

When I say we should be thankful to be alive you're probably wondering what I mean. I know, being alive and living are two separate things. Anyone can be alive but not everyone truly lives. That brings us to what it means to live and honestly it depends on the person and what they feel like their purpose is.

Every single person has a purpose. Even if you don't always feel like you do or maybe you never feel like you do. I can promise you, you have a purpose. You have a reason to be alive and living, you just have to find it. For some people it'll be easier for them to figure out their purpose while for others they might have to struggle a little bit to figure it out. Whatever way you get there, the important thing is that you get there. You find your purpose and you live it to your best ability.

We are beyond blessed to be alive. So many people fight every day for their lives and here we are complaining everyday about the smallest little things going wrong. Why? I'm no angel, I do this a lot too. But I think it's sometimes it's important to step out of your own life for a minute and put yourself in someone else shoes.

When you're feeling down in the dumps, try and remember how truly lucky you are. Think about the cancer survivors that are so grateful for their lives every single day.

Think about the people who fight everyday for their lives and their families who are constantly worried if they'll live to see another day. Be grateful instead of resenting life when things don't always go your way. Life is beautiful and we often take that for granted.