I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that life throws you curveballs to see how you'll react. I believe life brings you joy to show you that you deserve pure happiness, especially when things get hard. Most importantly, I believe that life should be embraced by the person who is living it, not just the person the life is handed to. I believe that although a person can go through several different stages, they can stay exactly the same, whether you stay kind and compassionate or you stay stubborn and cold.

For those of you who are wondering if they are involved enough in their own lives, think about the last time you truly felt a moment. Try to remember the last time you could tell how much the laughter and joy in a room would stay with you forever. Try to remember the last time you could feel your heart breaking and your soul deflating. How long ago was that? I can guarantee that it was not as recent as it should be.

You should be opening the door to every opportunity with the same amount of emotion that you would expect from a child, because you were never taught to approach it any other way. There is nothing wrong with you, and you are not the only one that hasn't been present in your own life. But only you can change it.

I hope that when life throws something at you, you are able to embrace every aspect of it. I hope that you can see the joy in the chaos, and the madness in the happiness. I hope that you are able to let each and every person you meet change your life in the exact way that they are meant too, because it will lead you right where you need to be. I hope that you can forgive the people that broke you, but I hope that you are smart enough to leave those people in the past where they belong.

If you aren't willing to make a change, I hope that you are accepting. I hope that you are considering that maybe someday will be the right day to make a change. I hope that you will embrace the fact that you were given this life to live it and that is something that shouldn't be rejected.