I never thought that the day would come where I’d actually be trying to decide where I’d like to live when I grow up. I feel as though I have the world at my fingertips. I could move to Los Angeles and see where songwriting goes while being a music therapist at a children’s hospital. I could go to Philadelphia, New York, Colorado, even Norway for a graduate degree program. I could stay in Boston or somewhere in Pennsylvania. I could spend 2 years anywhere in the world while in the Peace Corps. The possibilities feel endless, and I can’t stop thinking about these beautiful opportunities. And while I’m thinking about all of this, I have another thought in the back of my mind: I’ll be alone. Sure, any place that I go, I’ll at least know one person in the area. But all my friends from high school and college will be living all around the world. This will be my first time since starting college that I won’t be in the same place as my best friends.

I used to be so afraid of being alone and I think part of me still is. But this is the best time to be alone. Your 20's are a time to really explore the world and yourself. You can discover or rediscover who you are. It’s a time to find your favorite music and favorite restaurants. It’s time to figure out what you love and what you can do without. And in these times that you’re spending alone, that’s when you’ll find out whom you want to stay in your life for a long time. It’s the people who will support you and your journey, who will be in your life forever.

This is the best time to let go of expectations, let go of heartache, and be free. Allow yourself to feel wholeheartedly. Make mistakes. Be alone.

We have our whole lives to be attached to people, use this time to take yourself out on a date. There are so many beautiful, incredible things in life that so many of us don’t even open our eyes to. Explore now before the real responsibility kicks in and you’re trying to pay off the endless mountains of student debt.

I used to try so hard to rebel against growing up. I would avoid responsibilities and act like an angry teen. People always say that high school and college are the best time of a person’s life, and I was so afraid that they were right that I haven’t been letting myself live freely. Most people graduate college in their early 20s. We have our whole lives in front of us! It’s okay to take our time and enjoy life. We don’t have to follow the rules. We don’t have to get married straight out of college. We can explore the world and learn everything there is to know. We can carve out our own paths. So I’m going to spend these years taking everything in, learning as much as I can, and spending time alone so I can understand myself.