Ideas for How to Spruce Up Your Bathroom
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Ideas for How to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

There are many ways to decorate a bathroom. You can find creative ways to make your bathroom feel bigger, or give yourself more storage space, or even go the full nine yards and give your bathroom a complete makeover to transform it to what you want it to be.

Ideas for How to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

It's a great time of year to add some touches to your bathroom to make it look extra special. Bathrooms are small spaces that we can spend a lot of time in, and having a few extra touches can make the bathrooms more functional and more pleasant to be in. If you're not sure where to start, try these first few ideas.

Built-In Storage

If you have a spare wall or some extra space beside your feet, adding some built-in storage is the perfect way to hide all of those extras that you need in the bathroom, including your blowdryer, hair products, extra toilet paper, and overflow bath towels. When you have built-in storage, the entire room will look more tidy and pleasant to be in.

Bathroom Mirrors

Even if you have a mirror above the sink doesn't mean that it's the only place that you can have them. If you have a larger bathroom, they can act as a classy piece of decor over a bench. If your bathroom is smaller, the extra bathroom mirrors can make the room appear just a little bigger. You'll also love a full-length mirror, which is ideal when you want to see the final look after doing your hair and makeup. This is also a great time to consider whether the mirror you have over the sink is meeting your needs.


A fresh coat of paint is always a way to freshen a small space quickly and easily. Put on a couple of coats of light, cool blue to create a soothing space. Otherwise, washing the walls and putting on another coat of the color that you already have on the walls is often enough to make the room look more inviting and clean.

Rugs, a Shower Curtain, and More

One of the most fun parts of a bathroom is that you can dramatically change the appearance quickly and easily with some coordinating rugs, a shower curtain, and a few accessories. It doesn't cost very much, either, but you'll get big results.


New hardware on the vanity, new door handles, and sink faucet handles can add a fresh appearance. You'll love the shine, and these small changes can make the room look updated if it was looking old.

When you're ready to add a few touches that make a big difference in a bathroom, try out a few options by using an app. Otherwise, there are plenty of simple ways to make a big impact that doesn’t cost very much or take a lot of time.

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