As Bastille prepares for their sophomore album "Wild World" they release a new single “Fake it” which followed the single “good grief” released in June. “Fake it” was released July 28,2016 with over 185,000 streams in 24 hours on Spotify. This new album is going to be huge for them because of the gap in which was between their first album and this album, just making their followers even more excited. Based on these two singles, I see great success for this album as it stays true to their original sound yet stays upbeat and fresh. If you haven't heard of this alternative/pop Band yet, they’re very similar to the genre in which bands like Walk The Moon, The Neighbourhood, and Foster The People would be considered. If those bands are some that you’re into, I strongly recommend any song by Bastille.

While I did categorize this band as “alternative/pop” they really have many genres that have kind of come together to make their sound. A lot of people steer away from the word pop when describing this band because typically when you hear someone say “pop” you think of artists like Justin Bieber and One Direction- and there is absolutely nothing wrong with those artists, but that's simply not at all what Bastille is. What I will say, is that they have many pop sensibilities combined with usage of sound samples here and there. What makes people, such as myself call this alternative as well is because of the sound of the vocals that go along with this band are so relaxed and not as extremely energetic as a lot of popular pop songs are. They also bring a very grunge/rock vibe which makes their sound lean more towards alternative.

Honing in on this new song, called “Fake it” I will say they have evolved lyrically and musically having intensified lyrics and back beat of the song. I was very impressed with the song when i heard it for the first time, as a fan of Bastille’s music and as a lover of music in general. The sound was very much like what i was used to hearing but at the same time very new and exciting. In the lyrics he talks about wanting to forget his mistakes and pretend like they never happened. This was referenced in the line “Don't turn over, turn over the page/ We should rip it straight out/ Then let's do our very best to fake it” which is talking about forgetting the past and pretending it didn't happen- in my understanding. One other thing that really stood out to me is how the song was opened up with a few lines of talking, saying “And I don't think that that's a selfish want, I really don't / I'm not saying that I have this capacity because it's hard to develop that capacity on your own/ (...when you're being...)/ Stopped at every turn”. In the above line he is rationalizing throwing away all of his mistakes,and downfalls. Overall the song has extreme depth but also gives off a really good vibe to just listen to musically.