First, a little background on me. I live for PSLs in the fall, my social media feed is filled with fall quotes I found on Tumblr, and my favorite Snapchat filter is the puppy one. So if you're wondering, yes, I am well aware that those qualifications brand me as #basic, but I'm okay with that.

I don't post pictures of the Starbucks, or of me excitedly smiling when the leaves change because I think it's trendy - I do so, because I genuinely enjoy those activities. When you think about it, lots of people post pictures of what they enjoy. Runners post pictures of their runs, foodies post pictures of food, makeup gurus post pictures of get the point.

If those people can post pictures of what makes them happy, why can't I post pictures of my friends and I read a good book with golden leaves and hot coffee in the background? Just because a lot of my girls my age engage in those activities, doesn't make those activities any less valuable. In fact, a lot of girls my age engage in those activities because they are enjoyable.

Popular things are popular for a reason because people like to consume/draw/post whatever it is. Engaging in popular activities doesn't make you any less of a deep person. Just because I enjoy Starbucks doesn't mean I don't have original political or sociocultural ideas, and it certainly doesn't. say anything profound about my being as a person

To be fair, I do see girls, (some guys, but mainly girls) being labeled fake or "try hards" when they like things like sports, or metal music, or anything that isn't basic. And on the note of fairness, there tends to be a stark double standard between boys and girls being able to embrace aspects of popular culture. When men talk or post about football, baseball, cars, beer, whatever it may be, there tends to be a "brethren" aspect to it while when females post about Starbucks, Tumblr, makeup, etc. she tends to be met with the "basic bitch" comments.

My point, however, is not that it is a bad thing to be called basic. My friends and I joke around all the time about my dependence on Starbucks iced coffee and my overuse of the dog filter. Light-hearted banter is all fun and brings commrodery but that is not what that post is about. My point is that if you enjoy an activity, you should do it, even if means you're #basic.