It happens to all of us, it does. We get that itch or voice in the back of our head telling us to do something. Buy a car, cut your hair, dye your hair and anything else you just get an itch to do.

The problem is, my decision wasn't just spur of the moment. I had been thinking about getting bangs for four or five months, and then right before move-in day, I did it. Do I regret it? Yes.

I have had long hair flowing down my back since elementary school. I miss that. Bangs are annoying, they get in the way, and it's hard to work out with them or do cute braids. I have had my bangs for almost four weeks now, and I just want them to grow out already. I know I won't miss them.

Washing your face in the morning is a STRUGGLE. I had to buy hair clips to put my bangs back, and I didn't think about how I would have to change my routine when I was getting my hair cut. Plus, your bangs get oily ten times faster than the rest of your hair because you're constantly pushing them out of your face all day or re-adjusting them.

Do not get bangs if you hate things touching your forehead. I know this should be a given, but I didn't even think about it. The excitement of new hairstyles blinded me. I clip my bangs back all of the time except when going somewhere because they are just too distracting.

Amidst all of the negatives, there are positives. Bangs look SUPER CUTE when you put your hair up in a ponytail. Especially if the hair in that ponytail is curled. They also look cute if you do two french braids, although you might be channeling Wendy's girl (I know I do) if you wear them like that.

To all of my fellow bang-getters, we will grow our hair out and get through it. Godspeed.