The UK original television show "Black Mirror" has amazed us all since it first started. Since last month on December 28, the psychologically suspenseful show that kept every audience on their toes has released the newest edition. They created an interactive film titled "Bandersnatch" and it has been one of the most intriguing and unique films of ever before. Although there have been some mixed reviews about the new season to the show, the newest season was entertaining and creative.

In today's age, you have to be creative. People will easily get bored and move on to the newest fad or trend that comes along, so entertainers and tv show writers have to keep people on their toes. In the interactive film "Bandersnatch", viewers follow the life of a young man, Stefan Butler as he attempts to create a "choose your own adventure" video game based off of a book that he read called "Bandersnatch."

For video gaming enthusiasts, this may seem like a dream come true. However, for the characters in the film, things go south really fast. However, here's the catch. You, the viewer, get the make the decision on what happens next. Like the video game that the main character, Stefan Bulter, is trying to create, you get to make decisions throughout the show. That's right, you get to decide how Stefan Bulter lives his life. At first, you choose simple tasks for him like what he is going to eat for breakfast or what music he will listen to, but as the film goes on, the decisions you have to make are more and more serious. This show is not for people who can't make up their minds.

The film's length depends on what decisions the viewer makes, which means the film could be anywhere from 90 minutes to 2.5 hours according to "The Hollywood Reporter." This article also mentions that there are five main endings to the new Netflix film, but there are different variations to these five endings. At some points, they replay the same scenes if you choose "incorrectly", but ultimately the film ends in one of the five ways possible.

The film was creative and unique because there isn't a film like it. It also fits the same mood as the tv show's other seasons because it was also dark, mysterious and slightly sad. The creators of "Bandersnatch" made a great, unique film that will keep their viewers on the edge of their seat, grabbing the remote to make the next intriguing decision. Some of the choices provided seem like they would make little to no impact on how the rest of the film goes, but in the end, every decision counts.

Perhaps the writers and producers of the film were trying to teach an important life lesson: all choices have consequences. Or maybe they were just trying to make the film interesting. You decide.