Dear News Media, Quit Saying The Alabama Dynasty Is Dead

Dear News Media, Quit Saying The Alabama Dynasty Is Dead

Because one loss doesn't define a decade of dominance.


Last Monday night, many across the nation watched as Clemson destroyed Alabama to become National Champions for the 2018 season 44-16. While it was the worst loss for the Tide under Nick Saban, I have to give Clemson and Dabo Swinney a lot of credit. Alabama showed up expecting Clemson to roll over and give us the National Championship. Clemson took the Tide to the woodshed and showed the nation who was boss.

What is really grinding my gears about this loss is that every time the Tide has lost since 2014, the media around the country jump on this idea that Alabama is losing its grip on college football, or Nick Saban is starting to age as Steve Spurrier did at the tail end of his time at South Carolina. Sometimes, I even hear some of the bandwagon fans, and even fans of other fanbases say "Fire Saban."

Yes, this loss was bad, but there have been plenty of worse games and seasons over the years. I grew up yelling "Roll Tide," even though the 4-9 season under Mike Shula. During that time, because of various NCAA violations and penalties that occurred, as a result, you did not hear me once say anything bad about Bama. They were still my team.

Even through the six-game losing streak, Bama encountered against Auburn in the Iron Bowl, I still rooted for the Tide. Most people seem to forget about the dark times between Stallings and Saban because of how much success Saban has had at Bama. I grew up during a time in the early 2000s when Bama winning a game was not always a given. It was a time when Bama was not favored in every game they played.

I say all that to say this. Just because Alabama got blown out in the National Championship, it doesn't necessarily mean that the dynasty is over. It just means that Alabama got outplayed and outcoached by a very good Clemson team. I believe that rather than bashing Alabama for how bad they played in the National Championship, the media should give Clemson a lot more credit.

Yes, this loss hurt. I've seen worse, and Bama fans born before me have seen many worse games and even seasons. What this loss means is that the Alabama football program is not invincible. They're not always going to win every game or even the National Championship every season. If that were the case, Bama would probably have been National Champions every season since 2009.

This loss was a bad loss, but for the Bama fans that have stuck with the Tide through the highs and the lows, we know that we can only go up from here. The Tide bring back a lot of talent in 2019 and bring in a lot of new faces that could play very important roles sooner rather than later. Alabama will be back; however, even if Alabama goes 0-12 next season, you will still see me wear my Bama gear.

Again, congratulations to Clemson on a historic 15-0 season, a feat that hasn't been done since 1897 when Penn did so, as well as a National Championship. As a Bama fan, I hope to see the Tide and Tigers play again soon in this budding rivalry.

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10 Questions You'll Have After Finishing Season 5 Of 'House of Cards'

This Netflix original show leaves a lot of unanswered questions.


This article contains spoilers for "House of Cards."

I've been watching the Netflix original "House of Cards" for the past few months. I was hooked for the first five seasons, but season six was boring and left me unimpressed. However, the final episode left me shook and with a lot of questions.

1. What happens immediately following the final scene?

Does Claire scream, so the Secret Service rushes in and finds Doug dead? Does she explain that he tried to stab her with the letter opener so she retaliated in self-defense? Is it covered up or does she face charges? I'm just curious how she got out of that one.

2. Did the Shepherds successfully carry out Claire's assassination? 

It was planned for that day.

3. If Claire is assassinated, who becomes the next President? 

Also, is the killer caught?

4. If Claire isn't assassinated, what happens when she gives birth?

Claire faced so much backlash for being pregnant in office. Does she hire a full-time nanny to care for her baby? Does Congress continue to try and impeach her?

5. What does Claire name her baby?

In the final scene, Doug suggested Frances with an "e."

6. Why did Doug kill Frank?

I am aware why Frank had to be killed off in the show. And in the final scene, Doug explains that he did it because Frank was on his way to kill Claire. But, Doug's loyalty had always been with Frank over Claire. It just doesn't make sense that he would kill Frank in order to protect Claire.

I've heard it was because he was protecting Frank's legacy, but I'm not so sure about that.

7. Does Doug kill Janice?

When Doug leaves his apartment to go meet with Claire at the White House, the camera zooms in on his countertop, where he left a note with Janice's name on it and coordinates. I'm assuming this is where he's planning to bury her body as he did with Rachel earlier in the show.

But, the show skips to his meeting at the White House, and then the show ends. And why would he kill her — to protect Frank's legacy?

8. If Janice is killed, does another reporter pick up her story?

The story has gone through several reporters now: Zoe, Lucas, Tom and Janice — and they all were killed. Is another brave reporter at the Washington Herald going to try and complete the story, or are they just going to give it up at this point? If Janice is not killed, does she ever finish the story?

9. What happened to Tom's beloved dog?

The last we knew, Doug was taking care of it. But now Doug's dead, so.

10. How was season 6 actually supposed to go?

I am very curious where the writers were going with this show. I've read that they had already written most of the season and even filmed two episodes when they had to cut ties with Kevin Spacey. The fact that they had to completely re-write season six explains why I didn't like it and why I feel it didn't match up with the other seasons. What was actually supposed to happen?

At the conclusion of season five, I believed Claire was going to kill Frank. Would she have if circumstances were different?

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To The Song That Reminds Me It Will Be Alright Again

Thank you Sugarland for Little Miss!


Do you ever have a connection with a song?

Yes, well me too.

Sometimes life gets tough and you wanna give up. Sometimes people beat you down and it makes you afraid of love. Sometimes there are fears that you need to conquer.

There is a band named Sugarland and they have a song titled Little Miss. That song is my song that I have a connection with.

The first two lines describe a girl who is down on love, ready to give up, and just one big mess.

Here lately that girl is me. Sometimes life can beat you down and you you can feel caught in a hurricane. That's okay because it will get better. The chorus of that same song says that it's alright and sometimes you gotta lose 'til you win. This is all so true.

I'm the girl that does not like failure and does not settle for anything less than the best. Especially when it comes to school. While school is not failing it is tough. School has never been tough for me, but this semester and last semester have very much had me wanting to give up.

That's okay it's okay to feel that way as long as you remember if you do your best you'll go far. In fact those are other words Sugarland sings in Little Miss.

Also being a girl that has never really had time for relationships when anything new and fun with a boy gets started I immediately put all my eggs in one basket. DO NOT DO THIS. Please take my warning. Just like in the song I have a big heart that beats wide open.

While I times I seem rude, mean, intimidating, whatever other adjectives people use to describe me I'm very loyal and dedicated. When I put my heart into something you are going to get nothing less than the best. Just like with school I always give so much.

Finally I am a big mess and life is a whirlwind almost 95% of the time for me sometimes I have to take a step back and realize that everything does not have to be awful.

I have to realize that everything is going to be alright.

So find that song that you connect with. Then thank that song for existing. I'm beyond thankful Little Miss exists because sometimes I just have to max it out in the car and sing at the top of my lungs. After I do that I know everything will one day fall in to place and be alright again.

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