Mila Kunis, Jada Pinkett Smith and Kristen Bell are only a few of the famous women celebrities staring in the new film "Bad Moms." The general idea of the movie is a small group of moms standing up for their children and standing up for what a mom actually is. While the movie is great and a definite must see, I am a bit annoyed by it. Not the movie itself, but the idea of it. A movie had to be made to prove a point about what a mom is. Wait, what?

Why must there be a movie made to shut down mom shamers when all we really are trying to do is raise our children? That’s the ultimate goal, right? It's not how creative you can get with Pinterest lunches, how nicely dressed your children are or how many after school activities your child is involved in. Your awesome parenting is not determined by how smart your child is, how organized your home is or what your child does for their science fair project. The only thing any parents should be judged for is whether or not they actually raise their children.

Another thing that really annoys me about the movie is that the movie makes it looks like there are only four types of moms: the one who has it all together, the working mom with too much on her plate, the single mom who wants to sleep with everyone and the stay at home mom who is going crazy. There were various other types of moms briefly mentioned in the film, but only four were focused on. Is that what moms have been boiled down to? Are those really the only options? Maybe it was just the types that were focused on simply to make a movie, but it still feels as if moms are very limited.

Lastly, it really annoys me that there are women out there like Gwendolen who think that you always have to pretend like everything is okay. The truth is, being a mom is hard. It is very unlikely that there is a mom out there who has their whole life together. It’s great if you do, kudos to you. Let us know your secrets! However, don’t make other moms who struggle feel alone. You will never know their struggles if you don’t ask if you can help.

Overall, the movie was great and will be one that I will purchase as soon as it hits shelves. It did make me appreciate my life and all the people in it that help me with my kids. The biggest thing I got out of the movie is that no mom is in this alone. If your life is a mess and it seems like it is a constant battle to make it through the day in one piece, breathe; tomorrow is a new day. If you are the mom who is just overwhelmed by life, raising kids, work and all the things in between, it’s okay to step back or ask for help. If you are the mom who stays at home and you are going crazy, grab yourself a drink and watch this movie with your girlfriends. And if you are the mom with a Rolodex of men to sleep with, please keep your sexual endeavors secret from your children. Ain’t nobody got time for that.