How I Survived a Trip to Europe With Only a Backpack

How I Survived a Trip to Europe With Only a Backpack


The decision to travel to Europe came rather quickly for me. In fact, it was unexpected. All my friends seem to be doing it, so why not me. I have never been to Europe before but I saw this as a great opportunity to see some of the most famous sites in the world and have an adventure before heading off to a more serious period of my life.

Many people my age have the same idea when it comes to going to Europe and they all call it backpacking. Backpacking? Does that mean that you only need a backpack to go there? I soon found out that it means exactly that. But how was I supposed to fit all of my clothes and necessities in a single backpack? The thing is that… You couldn't.

I first decided to plan out my route. I then needed to prepare all of my documents. I had some of my savings so money wasn't the issue. But when I realized that I needed to change flights, use public transportation in many situations, use a different kind of transportation each time, and in most situations I would need to walk to reach a place that I was going to, I then realized what the idea behind backpacking was.

I immediately started looking online for a good backpack and soon managed to find the best backpack for college, which was both really good for my adventure and could serve equally well as a regular backpack for school or anything else. Needless to say, I didn't regret my decision.

This was a big disappointment for me! Not only was I unable to bring all of my favorite things, but I also couldn't even bring some of the necessities that I really needed. This wasn't the case of packing light; this was the case of packing smart.

But if I was going to go and have the time of my life, some sacrifices needed to be made. I approached this in the most scientific way possible and incorporated various calculations to come up with the best formula. I packed as best as I could and in the end really managed to have the time of my life. Once I got back home I realized that I didn't really need all that stuff that I originally indented to bring. What I brought with me was just enough to help me survive a trip to Europe with only a backpack.

Solid Colored Clothing

If you are into fashion and want to look good on your vacation pictures, then you should pack only solid colored clothing. Why you may ask, the answer is simple. Solid colors go with everything and you don't need to bring your entire wardrobe with you. You can bring only a few items and mix and match for any occasion. When I realized this it helped me decide on what to wear and what to bring really quickly.

Comfortable Shoes

This is probably the most important item on the list. If you are planning to do a lot of walking, you should have a comfortable pair of shoes at your disposal. Actually, you don't need to bring two pair of shoes with you, one is completely enough. But make sure that they are all-purpose shoes as you don't really know what kind of weather changes you can run into.

But one thing is for certain, whatever shoes you decide to bring, they have to be really comfortable. You don't want blisters on your feet and you don't want this ruining your vacation. This item will ensure that you will have a comfortable, care-free trip to any place in Europe.

Cheap Sunglasses

If you own a pair of really good and really expensive sunglasses, better leave them at home for this occasion. You don't want your best pair of sunglasses to get scratched or damaged during the trip. You will be going through all sorts of situations and will need to change flights, change hotels, change transportation, change customs, generally a whole lot of changes. These are the situations where your valuables can get damaged.

Instead of going with your best pair, buy a cheap pair that you will use only then. There is no need for other expensive accessories either. For instance, I have a really nice watch that I like wearing, but I decided to allow it to sit this one out as I didn't want to lose it. So, cheap accessories are your best bet for this kind of a trip.

Waterproof Jacket

Make sure that you invest in a good waterproof jacket before you head on to your adventure. What I came to realize was that there will be a lot of occasions where rain may occur instantaneously. So in order to come out dry from that situation, a waterproof jacket was the only answer. It is light to pack and even if you are not wearing it you can stick it into your backpack and get it out the second you need.

Another great piece of advice is to dress in layers. If you run into bad weather or if it gets cold or warm suddenly, you can always add or remove pieces of your clothing. It is the best way to travel and probably the best piece of advice that I could give when it comes to dressing properly on a trip.


When it comes to bringing toiletries, there are some rules that we have to abide. The airline company has strict rules about bringing bottles on board; the amount you bring and the container you are bringing it in. So I had to bring a small amount of everything and needed to bring the essentials. Either way, this was only for starters as I bought everything else in the local shopping stores when I needed them.

One should do that every time when going to a foreign country. You don't need to bring everything, you just need to bring some and buy it when you run out. It can actually be really fun having to find the products you need in different languages and having to decipher it all.

What Did I Miss?

Surprisingly, nothing at all! It actually helped me to realize that we as human beings do not need all that much. Sometimes we buy too many things that we don't even need as we can go buy with only the essentials. Either way, the trip itself was a great experience but it help me also to come to a realization that one can survive only with the necessities without having to rely on too many things.

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Summer In College Is For More Than Just Working

No, you're never to hold to have fun in the summer.


There should never be an age where you stop having fun in the summer. The weather is nice, there are always things to do, and everyone is just naturally happier. So, regardless of whether you're 7 or 21, I'm talking to you.

During the year it can be hard to find a routine unless you are a very put together person. Sadly, I am not. Even when I tell myself I'm going to eat healthily, work out, and stop procrastinating, I usually don't follow through with that. At school, I find myself in somewhat of a constant catch-up mode. When I feel like I'm ahead on my homework or studying, that usually means I'm behind on being healthy in other aspects of my life. That is why I love summer. It's a chance to reset the clock for a second and catch your breath.

I get that having an internship or working is important for your post-graduation life, but having fun is important for your college years too. When you get a job in the real world, summer is going to look a lot different for you. That is why it's best to take advantage of the time now. This doesn't mean turning down that work experience, it means doing things other than just working.

First things first is finding a hobby you enjoy that you don't do at school. Pick it up for a little over the summer. Why not? For me, this is yoga. For whatever reason, I find myself too nervous to attend yoga classes at school. I have absolutely no reason to be anxious about doing something I like, but I am so I take the time to attend a few classes a week in the summer.

Secondly, try reading. Before you make that look of disgust on your face, think about the last time you read a book of your choosing. If it was recently, then kudos to you for managing your time well enough to do that. If you are not that person, then hello! I am talking to you. I am not a fan of reading because I usually associate it with homework. However, I find that when I have the time to browse the book section of a store for a few seconds, I find multiple books that jump out at me. During the summer I take the opportunity to read a little here and there. The nice part of leisure reading over school reading is that there's no deadline. You can read what you want when you want to.

Finally, learn something new. Again I usually associate learning with things that I am required to learn for my major. Learning something new that interests you is a different kind of rush. When I'm bored in class, I make bucket lists of little things I want to learn about. They can be big or small. One time I wanted to learn how to knit. Don't ask me why my 19-year-old self thought it would be sweet to sit on my porch in the summer knitting, but I did, and I'm kind of sad I didn't pursue that interest. When might I ever have time to learn how to knit again?

These might sound like quirky things to do, but you're young. Make a bucket list and try to cross one thing off each weekend. If you're like me, then you're a little scared of growing up. Scared you won't be able to accomplish all the things you want to. But, the fact of the matter is no one is going to make you accomplish them but you. So, take some initiative and do them. Summer is for more than just working; it's time to live a little and reset the clock.

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Flowers to Send on International Women's Day


Women's Day- A day to celebrate womanhood, a day to remember the sacrifices made by each woman from every corner of this world, a day to feel proud of yourself. March 8th is celebrated a women's day across the globe.

This is the day when we remember about many women whose voices were unheard. This is the day for us, the women. A woman is a caretaker, bread earner, a lover, a peacemaker, a mother, a diva, and everything that you can imagine of. Unfortunately, we had to fight really hard to gain our status in society. Therefore, this women's day remember to pamper yourself because you are worth it!

If you want to appreciate a woman on this women's day, then think about giving her some flowers. Many people in the UK often send flowers to the women they respect and care for. They choose flower delivery services to send a lovely bouquet in each and every corner of the country.

Well, what can be better than remembering a person and letting her know that she is admired for her hard work? We say flowers are always the best choice to send across to the woman who matters to you the most. She can be your sister, your mother, your lover, your boss, your wife, and anybody who has somehow inspired you in life.

Let them feel loved and appreciated for everything they have done for you and in life. Let the woman feel delighted, let her shade some happy tears and thank you in return.

If you are already thinking about a flower delivery service, but aren't really sure about the flowers, you should give, then go through our list of best flowers that you can choose from.


Do you know that Mimosa flower is a symbolic flower for women's day? The vibrant yellow colour can make anyone's day brighter. Especially when the lady you admire the most receives it, she will surely be filled with lots of joy and prosperity. Make her smile with a bunch of mimosa flowers on this women's day.

Mimosa flower


To be honest, roses are the kind of flowers, which are perfect for any occasion. Roses are the symbol of love, purity, honesty, and loyalty, which are the ideal features of a kind woman. We will suggest to buy a bouquet of red roses and send them across to every woman who is the epitome of pure love. Roses are highly popular, and the receiver will be out of words after seeing a bunch of beautiful flowers being sent to her from another city!


Tulips are the symbol of elegance and grace. Any woman would love to receive them. This women's day send them as a token of love and appreciation for being the woman she is. Let her feel appreciated. Let her feel happy. Tulips can brighten up the woman you admire the most in a jiffy. Send her some, trust us, she is going to keep them safe.



Lilies are also a good choice for women's day. These star-shaped flowers look extremely elegant, and their sweet fragrance is mesmerizing. Lilies are the symbol of purity and innocence. They also represent many aspects of womanhood, for example, beauty, passion, and motherhood. If you have a woman in life who you think should be admired and appreciated for all that she has done, then you should definitely choose lilies.


These beautiful purple color flowers are incredibly exotic. Orchids represent beauty and rarity. We think you should give it your better half on this women's day. You would surely want to appreciate her too on the 8th of March. No need to utter a single word because orchids will say a thousand words on your behalf.


The last pick that we have for you is bright gerberas. These gorgeous flowers don't just look good, but they can brighten any mood at any time! Gerberas are the perfect representation of adoration. Now, what can be better than sending away some flowers which clearly says that you adore her?


Whatever flower you choose to send to the woman who means a lot to you, we are sure this small gesture will be highly appreciated. Choose a flower delivery service to handover these delicate flowers to a woman who should be recognised and valued for all her efforts.

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