Finally, we're back in school. It's all so exciting, but also as we all know, super stressful. Being a junior, I thought I was finally prepared to begin the school year. Turns out, it doesn't matter how much you think you're prepared, school can still slap you in the face these first few weeks. Sometimes, you've gotta step back, regroup, and get your shit together!

1. Get enough sleep.


Yeah yeah, we all want to go out with our new or old friends, but really, if you're not rested, there is no way that you will be prepared for class. I've already missed a few readings just because I was under-rested and forgot about them.

2. Write everything down. 

Appointment scheduled: write it down! New assignment or reading: write it down! Now, if you write everything in a different spot, you're still gonna forget. Have one central spot for writing down reminders. I find a small notebook works!

3. Plan your day mentally when you go to bed and when you wake up. 

This gives you the chance to make sure you're not forgetting books, notebooks, folders, or anything else you might need for the day. It can also help you be on time to classes because you'll have a good idea of when you need to get up in the morning.

4. Eat meals! And DON'T work during them.

Bobbie Hall

This is time to relax and get the nutrition your body needs. Watch an episode of your favorite show or catch up with friends! Give yourself a breather, or you'll be burned out before you know it.

5. Don't join too many things. 

Most activities will let you join during the semester or at the beginning of the next semester. Don't stretch yourself too thin.

6. Read your books! And don't fall behind for more than a day or two. 

For many classes, you have books because you're meant to read them. Your teacher might begin pop quizzes halfway through the semester. Either way, you don't want to be stuck reading five chapters the week before the exam. Pace this and other assignments like it so you don't overwhelm yourself.

7. Cut yourself some slack.

Bobbie Hall

School is hard no matter how long you've done it for. Give yourself one day of mostly relaxation. Go out with your friends! Have a brunch date. Whatever you do, relax. A few hours of free time is not the end of the world and won't ruin your GPA.

However you choose to get through the school year, be kind to yourself. Years from now you won't remember the one homework assignment you missed, but you might remember the restless nights that ruined your college experience. Take a breath, you've got this.