You've been living free for months and suddenly eating two spoonfuls of peanut butter for dinner is no longer "acceptable". How do you plan on surviving your family's reign for three whole months? Here are some tips.

1. Do not argue.  With any of them.

There is one thing mothers and fathers dislike more than anything. When their children [try to] prove them wrong. Even if you know that the dishes do not have to be perfectly stacked and lined-up in the dishwasher, do not fight. Allow them to retain their authority and stack the dishes as they want. While it may be infuriating to have your powers relinquished, you are not always in the right. Odds are you learned some quick and lazy hacks to get a job done in a couple less minutes to have more time to sit around and do nothing or watch like 7 hours of Game of Thrones (@my sister). Even though you must spend more time for a quality stack of dishes, you'll save time from averting the inevitable bickering that would ensue from doing it wrong.

2. Lay low.

Just be the least problematic as possible ! Do not give a reason for any scandals to emerge. Do not promote any products that directly compete with your family's business, do not leave your socks in the kitchen, and do not try to shove the tops of strawberries into the drain for the poor disposal to attempt to break up. Trust me, the disposal (and my mother) does not appreciate that. Just be polite, remember to thank everyone for providing you the opportunity to escape, have fun and of course, get an education. And honestly, it is okay to hide out in your fortress alone for some time, especially if you're in one of those, "I'm bored and wish I was standing on a riser singing American Pie," moods. Just remember not to hoard too many cups and water bottles in there as that will lead to WWIII.

3. Do favors.  It will shock them all.

There is nothing wrong with a little surprise. Set the table, buy flowers, cook a five course meal, paint a mural. Idk, doing something, a favor, grabbing the groceries from the car, or even better, taking a trip to the grocery on your own (a foreign concept) would be incredibly appreciated by all parties involved. Even if watching 80 episodes *cough cough Mandy cough cough* of Game of Thrones on the couch sounds like the best thing in the world, doing one of these deeds is sure to make you the favorite child and make the home environment much more pleasant!

While college is truly the time of your life, coming home and finding solace is equally as rewarding and enjoyable. Remember to thank those who provided you with the opportunity to attend college and not be an ingrate, even if you miss your friends and school more than anything. Remember to appreciate the time you have in your home. This is the time you have little obligation, much support, and time to relax. Enjoy it!