Well the time has come in "The Bachelorette" season when they are officially down to the final four. Everyone knows what that means — hometowns! With Luke, Jordan, Chase and Robbie vying for JoJo’s heart you have to wonder how each hometown date will turn out.

As fans we have already dedicated so much time, energy and possibly tears (a.k.a., when James Taylor was sent home) into this season. Whether you have a viewing party of three or 20, it is also appropriate to have a bottle of wine at the ready. Being as though hometowns, apparently, are the most pivotal part of the season I thought it would be in everyone’s best interest to create a drinking game out of the final four hometowns. What fun!

I feel like I should let the readers know that I am die hard Luke fan so my drinking tactics may be bit biased because alas he is perfect and would like him to be the father of my children.

Let the game begin! (Disclaimer: I am basing this off of the fact that you are a woman drinking wine watching "The Bachelorette".)

All dates:

Take three sips when the parents give JoJo their approval.

Take a gulp before each hometown visit.

Finish your glass when someone points out the unlikelihood of finding love on a reality TV show.

Have a sip when there is awkward silence at the dinner table.

Take two sips when the guys take her to a place that holds childhood memories for them.

Gulp when anyone tells her they love her and you know you’ll be alone forever.

Luke’s Hometown:

Swoon, I mean take a sip, every time you see Luke looking like just walked out of a GQ magazine. (Warning: The bottle may be finished by the end of the episode.)

Chug every time Luke and JoJo start making out.

Take a sip when you see a horse assuming Luke's family lives on a farm.

Finish your drink when Luke is wearing a layered shirt ensemble.

Take a sip when you see Luke sporting his dog tags.

Jordan’s Hometown:

Have a gulp when you see the size of Jordan Rodgers family home.

Take two sips every time a family member mentions Aaron Rodgers.

Finish your drink when Jordan says he is not entitled.

Have a sip when you realize that Jordan’s older brother is the least attractive of the three.

Chase’s Hometown:

Finish your glass when you found out where Chase lives because I literally have no idea (unless you Google it, which I just did, but I shall keep the secret to myself).

Take a sip when you question why Chase is even still on the show.

Take three sips when you learn something about him that you’ve known about the other contestants since week two.

Chug when Chase’s hometown is over because you feel bad for the fact that you know he won’t get the rose.

Robbie’s Hometown:

Take two sips when Robbie rolls up looking like a Ken Barbie doll.

Chug your drink when Robbie is accused of breaking up with his girlfriend to go on the show.

Take a gulp when Robbie’s mom and JoJo have a really awkward conversation on a bed.

Have a gulp when Robbie has more product in his hair and whitening on his teeth than you do.

Let’s just all finish our bottles upon bottles of wine when we realize that if someone like JoJo has to go on this show then we are all screwed.