On every reality television show, there is always one specific person that the directors strategically place within the mix in hopes of keeping things interesting. "The Bachelor" is just one of the many shows in which this tactic is used, and on this season of "The Bachelor," the one everyone despises is Corinne Olympios.

Corinne is a 24-year-old following in her father's footsteps and taking on the role of a proud online business owner. She lives with her family and their nanny who makes her snacks with the snap of a finger.

This young lady has made it quite clear to both the audience and the other women on the show that she is not there to make friends. She is after one thing and one thing only, and that thing is Nick. She didn't even wait until the second episode to lay a smooch on Nick... or more than a few smooches. She got out of that limo with class, but that class was ruined a little later in the episode when she full on surprised Nick with a make-out session the first night they met.

The second episode was also full of surprises and revealed way more than Corinne's evil ways. Corinne took her top off during a photo shoot and placed her naked chest against Nick. A few moments after, she turned around to face (and flash) everyone on the show right before placing Nick's hands over her chest. This shocked everyone, and from the vibe of the looks Nick was giving, he was shocked too. The photographer, however, was ecstatic and he announced that Corinne was the winner of the photo shoot competition. This raised some eyebrows among the other ladies on the show and the audience watching.

Shortly after, Nick gave Corinne a rose. This raised even more questions. Was Nick really there to find the love of his life? Could Corinne actually be the type of woman he desires? Does a women simply taking her top off make her a winner? Does having no self-respect on this major TV show scream "I deserve a rose?"

Some may say she is just doing what the other women aren't, but personally I find it to be a little much, and a tad insulting. Another argument I have heard is that Corinne is simply comfortable in her own skin and is not afraid to show herself off. Yes, I believe a woman should be comfortable with herself but when it comes to the extreme measures she has to take in order to get attention, it becomes pathetic and maddening. Corinne did not deserve that rose because she took her top off, the photo shoot was based on who had the best connection with Nick through the pictures that were being taken, and a connection is not just found with skin to skin contact. That assumption is false and repulsive on both the producers and the photographers part.

I'm sorry, but if your top has to be off and your boobs need to be pressed up against a man for him to notice you, and for others to notice you, then you aren't looking for love. You are looking for the spotlight.

I hate to break it to you Corinne, but your spotlight will end soon, and you'll be sent home just like the other attention seekers were in the previous seasons of "The Bachelor." You and your drama may make for a great TV show right now, but it is a poor excuse of the representation of women and what winning must be tied to. It's a shame that producers need to put individuals like you in the show just for it to be entertaining starting out. Quite frankly, I would like the show a whole lot better if you weren't in it.