Bachelor Breakdown: Monday Night's Alright For Fighting
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Bachelor Breakdown: Monday Night's Alright For Fighting

An Odyssey panel discussion of "The Bachelor" season 24 "Women Tell All"

Bachelor Breakdown: Monday Night's Alright For Fighting

If you've been watching this season of "The Bachelor," you likely have A LOT of thoughts already. And you're not alone.

We put together a panel of viewers to recap and react to this week's episode and let's just say their opinions are as enthusiastic as Kelsey's reaction to meeting Ashley I.

Look Who's Back, Back Again

Do you believe Madison was confident in her decision to give Peter a second chance? On a scale from 1 – 10, how likely is she to leave before the final rose?

Taylor – Madison did not look like she was confident in giving Peter another chance. She obviously had to make him sweat a little bit with the long pause before she said yes to the rose, but overall, I do think she was very unhappy and unsure. I think it's likely that Madison will be unable to get over knowing he's slept with other women the week before the proposal and will decide to leave. On the likelihood scale, I'm going to give it an eight.

Keely – I saw no signs of confidence whatsoever coming from Madison. Firstly, she kept her head down and eyes to the ground most of the time. Secondly, she hardly cracked a smile at Peter. Thirdly, she intentionally paused when Peter called her name and when he asked if she would accept his rose. These are ALL signs of hesitancy which equals a lack of confidence in her and Peter's relationship. According to Madison's non-verbals, I give her a solid eight for how likely she is to leave before the final rose.

Kat – Madison wasn't confident with her decision to give Peter a second chance. It seems like it was a split decision. Nine-out-of-ten chance she leaves before the final rose.

Marisa – I was shocked to see Madison show up to the rose ceremony at all, to be honest. I don't believe she's fully confident in her decision to try with Peter at all. And after everything that's happened between them, she's in no position to accept a proposal from him in just a week. Given her attitude at the rose ceremony and the previews of what's to come, I'd say the chances Madison leaves before the final rose are at a 9.5.

Pageant Queen Dethroned

After hearing what she had to say, are you Team Alayah, or do you side with the girls who got her sent home?

Taylor – I'm all for being yourself! If Alayah was herself with Peter throughout the season, then that's all she could have done. That said, in an environment where everyone is "competing" for one person's heart, part of the process is weeding out the contestants who weren't a fit for Peter and at the end of the day, Alayah and Peter just weren't meant to be.

Keely – You cannot really fault someone for who he or she truly is. If Alayah deliberately raises her voice eight octaves then let her be. Does this make her appear disingenuous? For the majority of perspectives, I would say yes. Alayah is the epitome of the idiom "old habits die hard" and I believe what she portrayed on the show is who she has been all her life.

Kat – I feel like the communication of the situation was super confusing and wasn't clear. I am going to have to side with the other girls who sent her home since they were actually in the situation and saw her personality first hand.

Marisa – Justice for Alayah! I've been saying this since she returned to the house, but the "Women Tell All" made it even more clear that she was innocent. The only girls who continued to stand against her were the ones who got her sent home to begin with (and were so obviously just protecting themselves.) Alayah never had a word to say about any of the other women during her time on the show, and she seemed genuinely interested in strengthening her bond with Peter. I'd love to see her get a second shot at love in paradise and hope no one there stands in her way.

Enemy In The House

What are your final thoughts on Tammy? Do you think she was justified when she put down Kelsey? Or Mykenna?

Taylor – I have so many thoughts on Tammy, but I refuse to stoop down to her level of bullying and pointing fingers. All I have to say is "EYE ROLL."

Keely – When Tammy was putting down Kelsey and Mykenna again she just proved to the world that she has not changed since her time on the show. She is not sincerely sorry for what she had said to the both of them. Therefore, no, Tammy was not justified because there is a difference between her opinion and actual facts.

Kat – I was a huge fan of Tammy at the beginning of the season but the reunion really did show her true colors. I don't think it was justified at all how she put Kelsey or Mykenna down. They have every right to be emotional about the whole process.

Marisa – I'm sorry, but Tammy is mean. There is no other way to spin it. She had zero apologies for the women she hurt, and she continued to insult and bully Kelsey and Mykenna every time they made a valid point. I have zero interest in seeing any more of her eye-rolling on my television.

Getting Off Easy

How do you feel about the redemption Victoria F. was given during her time in the hot seat?

Taylor – While watching any season of "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette," it's often hard to determine what's real and what's heavily produced — especially when it comes to a season's villain. But, there were many things off-camera about Victoria F's past that were seriously alarming and really emphasized Victoria's status as a "villain" in my eyes. That coupled with how she acted on screen and WOW, big yikes. In my opinion, though, everyone deserves a chance to stick up for themselves and ask for forgiveness. At the end of the day, the audience can decide what to do with that information.

Keely – This is a tough call for me because I cannot tell whether she was saying what people wanted to hear or if she was actually being honest and genuine. I would not necessarily call it a "redemption" per se but rather a "reflection" after she reviewed her actions and behaviors in retrospect.

Kat – Victoria F. didn't seem convincing at all with her explanation of the allegations. I still don't believe her.

Marisa – I am incredibly disappointed in the show's treatment of Victoria F. All season, she spoke down to and about the other women and treated Peter horribly. Countless stories have come out about her mistreatment of friends and disrespect for others' relationships, AND she modeled for an openly racist campaign. If the show didn't want to further defame her character, they shouldn't have given her time at all. But why glorify and forgive someone who has made so many harmful decisions on national television?

The Real Winner

Having seen the "Women Tell All," who, aside from the remaining two ladies, was your favorite contestant this season?

Taylor – Kelsey. I always felt for her (even when her reactions were seemingly silly) because I am also a very emotional person. Rather than letting others tear her down for this "weakness," she stuck up for herself and showed there's strength in emotion and I am all here for it. Honestly, I cry in real life if I'm sad, overjoyed, overtired, angry, annoyed, you name it. Throw me in a very unnatural environment like "The Bachelor" while giving me alcohol and surrounding me with girls who yell at each other constantly and I, like Kelsey and Ashley I., would also (without a doubt) cry a lot. Then again, that's why I wouldn't go on the show — but that's beside the point.

Keely – My favorite contestant this season was Kelsey. Despite her label with the #ChampagneGate, she undeniably had fun after this whole incident on the "Women Tell All" by accepting the giant Champagne bottle from Ashley I. and laughing it off.

Kat – My favorite contestant would have to be Kelsey. She is unapologetically herself which is refreshing.

Marisa – Kelsey! Kelsey! Kelsey! I was so happy to see her get the glory she deserves. The girl has been nothing but honest and open throughout her time on "The Bachelor," and I LOVE that she isn't afraid to admit and apologize for her mistakes. There is nothing wrong with expressing your emotions, and I hope we have a chance to watch Kelsey find her very own Jared one day.

An Unspoilable Ending

After tonight's episode, how do you think this season ends?

Taylor – Tricky, tricky question. The thing that's throwing me is the fact that they keep hounding how unpredictable the season is. If we're sticking to possibilities with the final two contestants, I think Peter turns down Hannah Ann in the hopes of proposing to Madison. But Madison leaves before seeing Peter's parents again (since they already met on their very first one-on-one), and that's when his mom is crying and telling him to go get her.

Keely – I think Peter will ask Madison about her feelings and where she stands with him; however, I do not think Madison will give him the response he will be looking for. The mere fact that Peter admitted that he was "intimate" with someone in the fantasy suite will always be in the back of her mind. Plus, I honestly think those two are not on the same terms when it comes to religion and/or faith.

Kat – I believe Peter will end up single at the end and is trying to win Madison's heart right now. I think he will propose at "After the Final Rose."

Marisa – It's become clear that Peter is not engaged to either of the final women – not yet, anyway. Based on the previews, I think Peter wants to be with Madison but finds out she's decided to leave right before ending things with Hannah Ann. He likely struggles with whether to settle or to send Hannah Ann home, but I think he decides to let her go and chase after Madison. Perhaps the element "even Peter doesn't know" in the finale involves Madison's answer to his live proposal? We'll just have to wait and see!

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