9 Times Bachelor In Paradise Accurately Depicted College
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9 Times 'Bachelor In Paradise' — With All Its Drama, Crying And Hookups — Was Actually Just 'You In College'

The show is a lot more relatable than it seems.

9 Times 'Bachelor In Paradise' — With All Its Drama, Crying And Hookups — Was Actually Just 'You In College'

The new season of 'Bachelor In Paradise' is finally here!

I don't know about you, but I am a guilty member of the Bachelor Nation. As a college student, I could not help but pick out the similarities between the show and college itself. The contestants themselves, as well as the situations they are going through, can bring us back to our own experiences in college. I would be watching it and think, "Wow, same," or "I feel that." Here were 9 times where 'Bachelor In Paradise' accurately depicted college life! Hint: this may or may not contain spoilers!

1. We all have had an encounter with a hotshot guy at some point or another.


When Cam walked into Paradise, Derek knew immediately what was up. There are many people of the male species that act like Cam. Maybe some even sport leopard tops. Either way, we have all encountered a guy who was a selfish showoff. From sitting next to one in class, to pursuing one in our dating lives, college is filled with many Cam's.

2. John Paul Jones throwing up after eating the tacos Jane gave him.


Whether if it was from food poisoning, or from too much to drink at the bar, we all have been in John Paul Jones's shoes. John Paul Jones did exactly what a college kid would normally do: puke then rally. He embraced that motto like a champ, as he was shown speaking to the bartender at the end of Episode 2, with a water and Gatorade in hand. It's okay John Paul Jones, you were a sport!

3. All of the crying.


College wouldn't be college if you don't have a breakdown at least once a day. It can be stressful trying to balance academics, health and wellness, and a social life. Even though there have only been two episodes of Paradise, it has been nothing short of full of tears. The water works are nothing new if you're enrolled in a university.

4. Friendly bartenders.


Wells is an all around great bartender. He makes great drinks, and is an awesome listener. He knows exactly what to say to the contestants in order to make them feel better. Sometimes when you're at the bar and a little too tipsy, you may share too much information with the bartender. Hopefully you encounter a Wells!

5. We all said this when we first stepped onto our college campuses as a freshman.


The calm before the storm. Little did we know what college would bring to the table. Who were we going to meet? What were we going to learn? We all had these burning questions as innocent doe-eyed freshmen spreading their wings into adulthood. We were open-minded, enthusiastic, and excited just like John Paul Jones when he first stepped onto the beach.

6. The drama is intense.


Despite this being the beginning of Paradise, it seems that we are in for a treat in the drama department. College is no different. After the foggy honeymoon phase of college wears off, people become unhinged. It is completely normal to have problems with roommates, love interests, classmates, etc. early on. My best advice is to communicate, be honest, and stay positive!

7. Alcohol, alcohol, and more alcohol.


'Bachelor In Paradise' knows how to prevent the contestants from feeling any pain, and so does college. Going to tailgates, day parties, house parties, and bars are a college specialty. Now is the time to live it up and have fun, but be safe! Also, make sure your responsibilities are fulfilled before engaging in drinking festivities.

8. You may or may not end up in a situation like Caelynn's.


Unfortunately for Caelynn and Blake, it did not work out. Blake wrongfully called her a mistake, and decided to ghost her after months of pursuing her. In this day and age, many college relationships end the same way. A lot of young people are not ready to commit to a real relationship, usually because of lack of maturity, or they do not want "to be tied down" so-to-speak. Go into college dating with this in mind: protect yourself and your heart. Know your values, and stay true to yourself! It may take meeting a few Blake's before finding the right one!

9. The friendships you make will last forever.


Whether or not the contestants will find love, at least they found friendship. Like the show, you will find friends. The memories you will have with your college friends will last a lifetime. These strangers will become your number one cheerleaders, shoulders to lean on, roommates, and possibly future bridesmaids/groomsmen. They will always be there for you no matter what. Cherish them and love them because they deserve it!

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