For many singles who go to the 'Bachelor in Paradise' beach, they are in search of a second chance at love. Some are just there for a good time, and others attempt to make a name for themselves. In the case of John Paul Jones, he did all three of these things, but with the purest of motives. Throughout this season, Tayshia was one of the most seriously invested candidates on the show. She was clearly in pursuit of a husband and did not hide her doubts of JPJ's ability to be "the one." However, TAYPJ's romance was one of the most followed romances on the show this season. They brought such a light-hearted attitude to the serious atmosphere and I think we can all agree that we shed at least one tear when they went their separate ways. The dramatic reunion of JPJ and Tayshia will forever go down in 'Bachelor in Paradise' history. TAYPJ FTW!

1. They fight for each other

JPJ quite literally fought Derek for the sake of protecting Tayshia's heart and Tayshia flew all the way to Maryland to knock on his door and win his love back. What more could you want in a relationship?

2. Keep each other on their toes

Spontaneity keeps the relationship alive and fresh, and to be completely honest, it's just fun.

3. They're genuine 

This couple is genuine in both intentions and actions. The foundation of their relationship was built on solid motivations and will continue to grow with their authenticity.

4. Make each other laugh

No one made Tayshia laugh like JPJ, and at the end of the day that's just what every girl wants in a relationship.

5. They're the couple you'd want to hang out with

Who wouldn't want to hang out with TAYPJ?? Like, seriously.

6. They are still their own people

Both JPJ and Tayshia have been able to stay their own person throughout their relationship. They did not change for each other, so their base is very strong.

7. Limited PDA 

No one wants to hang out with a couple that piles on the PDA... TAYPJ do a good job of keeping it to themselves, which makes their romantic life more personal.

8. Surprise each other

The prom...come on.

9. And, of course, they will have beautiful babies

We all know its true.