Since I have had a lot of time on my hands this past year, I thought I would take advantage of that and get a part-time job so I could earn some money before going to college. Coincidentally, at the same time, my neighbor was looking for a new babysitter. My first-day babysitting I was very excited to work with the kids. However, it was very hard because the kids weren’t as obedient as I wanted them to be and I am not a naturally patient person. Although I am still learning, it eventually got easier.

As painful as it can be to watch after loud little kids, babysitting is actually one of the best part-time jobs. Here is a small list of 5 reasons why.

1. It teaches you patience

Working with little kids is never easy. They throw tantrums, are loud, and never want to do their homework. However, through babysitting, you learn to deal with that and learn patience. Patience is key when dealing with kids and babysitting gives you a chance to deal with kids first hand. You have to give kids time to understand what you are saying and trust that with enough positive reinforcement from your side, they will listen to you. Kids will never listen to you the second you tell them to do something.

2. There is always a better way of doing things

When I first started babysitting I would often just give up or threaten to call the kids' mom if they didn’t listen to me. But as I continued to babysit I realized that the kids were much more likely to listen to me if they realized I was on their side and that I didn’t just want them to finish their homework because their mom told me I had to make them do it. The worst way to handle the kids is by yelling at them or threatening to tattle tale.

3. You get experience working with difficult people

If you are a high schooler or middle schooler or even fresh out of high school, you probably don't have much experience working with difficult people. However, babysitting gives you a little taste of that. You learn to listen to the other people and understand their side of things. You learn to cooperate and find a middle ground. This is a very important skill as in the real world we won’t always encounter people that see things our way.

4. You learn how to be in charge

For most people who are still in high school or middle school, we are used to our parents or our teachers always telling us what to do. We rarely are in charge by ourselves. However, when babysitting usually you are the one in charge. Babysitting is a kind of teamwork and you are the team leader. You learn to manage the team (the kids) so that everyone’s babysitting experience is smooth and enjoyable.

5. It's an easy way to make money

This is probably everybody’s favorite reason. You don’t have to do much and yet you get some good money each hour. Not only are you getting paid to see such cute faces but also once you get the kids to do what they need to do, or to bed, you can do whatever (safe thing) you like! You are literally getting paid to do things you like to do.