TGood jobs are hard to come by in college. Unless you can find a stellar on-campus job, your chances of making enough money to sustain yourself and still put money in savings are pretty slim. Unless you think smarter, not harder.

I started babysitting when I was twelve and that had me spoiled. In middle school, walking home with $50 or so in my hands felt like winning the lottery. As one of the only babysitters in my neighborhood, I was in really high demand - meaning in one weekend, I'd have four jobs and make enough money to last three months! Not to mention, I loved playing with the kids I watched.

Moving to college, I knew I'd miss babysitting the kids I've watched grow up for so many years. I didn't think I'd get opportunities like those again.

I was SUPER wrong.

About a month into my freshman year, I got a Facebook message from a family friend (who I knew of, but had never met) asking if I could watch her two boys. Desperate for some extra cash, I agreed — and that was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Here's why.

1. Your work schedule is super flexible

If you're busy, it's so easy to say no! You can build your work schedule around your school and social calendars with no problem.

2. You get paid way more babysitting than you would at another college job 

Okay, this is the obvious one. But I'm not complaining! College is rough, babysitting money makes it a whole lot easier.

3. You build relationships with the family so quickly

You learn so much about the kids and you become so attached to them that going to watch them is fun!

4. You can go on adventures instead of staying in one spot all day!

Working in retail or in a restaurant, you're stuck in the same building for 6-8 hours, but when you babysit there is nothing you can't do! Whether it's a Nerf battle or a game of mini golf, you'll always have more fun babysitting than you would working a "real" job.

5. One day, they'll be so happy to see you that you'll get a big hug!

That hug will make your world stop! The moment you realize that you've built such a great relationship with them that they're EXCITED to see you coming over when their parents leave will mean so much to you. It's the first milestone — they start to see you as a friend!

Babysitting is so rewarding in so many different ways!! If you're just getting ready to start college, get in touch with some families who are in need of a really great sitter — you may be their perfect fit!