Baby’s Sleep – It’s Importance And Soothing Methods

Baby’s Sleep – It’s Importance And Soothing Methods

Baby’s Sleep

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep. This includes all members of your household. Sleep deprivation is unhealthy for babies as well as adults. When your baby has a good night’s sleep everyone else does. New parents are often heard exchanging information regarding the exact time when their newborn baby slept through the night or what is the best baby mattress or does sleep position matters. It is an important milestone in the life of the child and its family.

Are you a parent who is still waiting for that magic moment? These simple tips will provide you with actions you can take to encourage your baby to sleep through the night. These tips will not necessarily work for everyone and they may not work right away, however, these basic steps will point you in the right direction and you and your whole family can begin enjoying full nights of sleep.

To begin with, many new parents are unaware of how much sleep your baby really needs. Newborns and infants younger than 6 months old need about 14 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. For babies in the 6 to 12 month age range, the amount is 13 to 14 hours, and, babies over 1-year-old need 12 to 13 hours of sleep. These amounts are probably more than you expected.

Reasons your baby needs the recommended amount of sleep:

Learning and Memory

Well-rested children seem to learn more rapidly than those who are tired. Have you ever tried to learn something new after a bad night’s sleep? Good sleep is essential to a new baby’s cognitive development. Their brains are constantly absorbing new information.


In the same way that is it dangerous for you to drive a car in a sleep-deprived state, it is also dangerous for babies to carry out their daily activities when they are sleepy. During their day, babies and toddlers play with their activity centers and toys. These activities require a certain amount of concentration. Lack of sleep reduces their ability to concentrate.


Child psychologists have found a direct link between sleep deprivation and behavior problems. When a child is tired they are more likely to become at least a little cranky. Sometimes this fatigue translates into an overactive type of behavior that makes the child seem hyperactive when in fact they are actually tired. Try changing their bedding; it may be that their clothing is too rough or hot for them.


Lack of rest has a negative impact on your body’s immune system. Tired children are more susceptible to contracting viruses.


A study conducted at Harvard concluded that sleep problems in babies and toddlers may be linked to obesity. The human body releases a hormone called leptin and one called ghrelin. Leptin signals the body that it is full and ghrelin signals that the body is hungry. In sleep-deprived individuals, leptin levels drop followed by a spike in ghrelin. Therefore, if you are sleepy, you may become hungry and eat when you should be sleeping.


Researchers believe that sleep problems may cause depression. If you begin to experience sleep problems, The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AAS) strongly recommends that you see a sleep specialist. Depression is the most common form of mental health problem and in recent years, depression appears to be just as common in children as it is in adults. Research has found that as many as 1 in33 children suffer from depression. It is therefore important to monitor sleep problems in your child from as early an age as possible.

With these facts being shown, it is concluded that children need more sleep than we thought, and thus the reason why it is important. Let’s get started on helping your baby sleep through the night!

Soothing Methods for Your Baby

A parent hearing their baby scream for the first time is a magical moment in their lives. But let’s be real about the whole picture, after a few weeks of sleepless nights and headaches, the screaming doesn’t feel so magical.

Babies cry whenever they are hungry, hurt, or just want attention. It’s common for new parents to need some help understanding how to help calm their child, and keep the screaming to a minimum. There are some soothing methods called ‘The Five S’, made famous by Harvey Karp, MD. These are explained as follows:

Swaddle – This involves wrapping your baby up to imitate the feeling of being in the womb. Babies are in tune with being swapped up in warm, cozy positions.

SHH – Making ‘’Shh’’ sounds help to calm babies. This is believed it’s because it sounds like the noises babies would hear in the womb.

Side/Stomach – Again this is designed to mimic how the baby felt in the womb. Laying them on their sides or stomach will be similar to a position they are used to.

Swing – A gentle swing motion is similar to the motion the baby felt as the mother was moving around while pregnant. This is very effective at having a calming effect on the baby.

Sucking – Giving a baby something to suck on, like a pacifier or their thumb will calm them. It’s also thought to reduce the risk of SIDS.

These methods work well, sometimes used in combination with each other, or each individually. There are some other methods too, however, so if you’re still struggling to calm your baby try some of these methods:

Bouncing – Babies love being bounced up and down gently. You can also do this with a classic rocking chair. It can become a bit tiring if you’re doing it yourself, so it’s worth trying to find a swing to help.

Use a Dark Room – Bright lights make babies more alert. Make the room darker to help calm them down, this is also believed to be effective because it reminds the baby of being in a dark womb.

Check for Problems – You should always check that your baby is comfortable and healthy. Is there an issue with trapped gas making them uncomfortable? Are the clothes a little too tight? These things can make a baby restless and cry.

Whenever your baby is crying it’s after one of a few things; food, attention, or comforting. So as time goes on you will become a lot more familiar with your babies needs and wants, making your job of calming them down a lot easier.

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Great Gifts for Dog Dads This Year

Gift Ideas For Dog Dads

Dog dads are cute and very much special. They actually deserve reorganization because they peek up the poop, walk them for miles in the rain, give those baths and take a great care of their dogs. Give them a lovely gift on the father’s day of this year to show him and also to realize him about your appreciation for his fantastic work. That every time they manage the accident that the dog does and take them for a trip even at midnight. Here are ideas for some amazing gift which also might into your budget.

Dog beds for heavy chewers:

Some dog dads have to face the heavy chew problems with their dogs. Especially at night, it becomes too much hesitating to change the wet bed or cover it in another process. A chew proof Dog Beds for heavy chewers will be very much effective and useful gift for any dog dads. These beds are specially designed for moderate to high chewers. 

Front pocket metro sling;

This front pocket sling can be the perfect gift for dog dads. This metro sling can comfortably hold your mobile phone, wallet, poop bags, treats, and others small vital things that you want to carry when going out with your dog for a ride. It is also helpful for short trip or hikes to the local coffee shop.

My Beer Cozy:

You can gift the dog dad a nice customized beer cozy. You can customize the beer cozy by writing on that “In Dog Beers, I’ve Only Had One!” It will be a fantastic gift for the dog dad to make them laugh and happy whenever he will see it. This also inexpensive gift within your budget.

Sip Coffee and Pet My Dog Mug:

This fun mug will be an astounding gift for a dog dad. This one will also be perfect for those dog dads who like coffee too. You can give them a customized mug by printing” I Just Wants to sip my Coffee and Pet My Dog” on the mug. This mug will make him happy whenever he wants to drink coffee. So, it will be an amazing gift for a dog dad.

Make Your Own Dog Treats Cookbook:

This cookbook will be a unique and also fantastic gift for the dog daddy. This book comes with containing more than 34 individual recipes and many of breed templates like more than 75 templates to cut out. With these templates, you can quickly cut out unique shapes of dog foods. Also, the recipes can help a dog dad to cook yummy foods for his dearest pet. This books also contains low cost so; you can easily purchase them for gifting someone. 

Doggie Boxers:

It will go to be the craziest and unique gift for the dog daddy. For a dog-crazy day thing, this boxer will be the coolest thing to wear off, and this is the one thing that any of dog daddy will love. If you are thinking to gift one of the coolest things to a dog daddy then, it will be the craziest one. The price of these boxers will vary. Choose the most beautiful fabric boxer if you are also thinking about the comfort.

Dogs Shirt:

If you have already given him a boxer or if you are planning to gift him something that he can show to all and also carry at his own place then, you can gift him a customized t-shirt. Customize the shirt as your own choice. Or you can even get well designed and signature t-shirts if you want to gift. Make sure about choosing the most excellent fabric while choosing your customized t-shirt.

Survival Paracord Bracelet:

Many men enjoy having or wearing unique accessories that match the trend and now going fashion. Some of the men want to wear them for the safety purpose. This survival paracord bracelet can cover both sides like, it can be matched with the new fashion or trend and also can play the role of survival element. The dog daddy can use it as a dog leash and also can tie a shoelace and a boat. So, it will a very much useful element and accessory for the dog daddy. You can purchase the bracelets at various prices.

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