Baby Of The Friend Group: 5 Signs It's You
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Discover If You're The Baby Of The Friend Group

I can't help my birthday!

the baby of the friend group holds hands with her friends
Alli Michal Huff

In every friend group or squad there is the baby of the group. This is the youngest one and usually you can tell because they are more carefree and they are not sure what is going on. They are usually the lightweight because all of their friends can be like moms sometimes. Here are some ways to know if you are the baby of the friend group.

Your friends take care of your medical needs.

They bring you soup take your temperature and more. They get the splinter out of your foot and they have a whole pharmacy ready for your use. They make sure to let your teachers and other people in your life know what kind of sickness you have so that they can also worry about you. They know your medical history and what kinds of medicine you can and cannot have. They know all of your favorite comfort foods and how to make you feel better.

Your friends were doing adult things way before you.

Your friends were driving way before you even thought about it. They had their own debit cards and wrote a check while you probably still had a piggy bank. They probably did a lot of things by themselves like grocery shopping before you. Lucky you though because they can give you all sorts of advice on everything!

Your friends are very protective.

Your friends will take so much from other people, but when they see people giving it to you they go into protective mode. They will have your back no matter what. They protect you from people and experiences. They stand up for you and listen to your needs. They will go to the end of the earth looking ridiculous just to make sure you are okay.

Your friends act like your mom.

They pick you up and drop you off at your events. They give you wise advice. They let you know when you are about to do something stupid. They help you with daily activities whether if it is making a stressful phone call or shopping. They make sure you get all your meals in the day and send you encouraging texts. They keep you in line, well at least they try. Every new person in your life has to be approved by them, and you have a code word that can get you out of any situation.

You are so loved.

You have a whole group of people looking out for you and cheering you on. You have people who will take care of your and give you tough love when you need it. You know you will always have people there to help you with anything. They spoil you with guidance, their food, and all of their possessions because you are the baby. They let you be the silly tag along and you will always love being the baby.

So are you the baby of the friend group? It's nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it should be celebrated!

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