I'm The Kind Of Person Who Is Awkward Around People I Find Attractive, Dangit

I'm The Kind Of Person Who Is Awkward Around People I Find Attractive, Dangit

I would also love to tell you about the time I almost went into the boys' bathroom at school because a cute boy was nearby.


I have been in numerous conversations about what I am like around people I find attractive. As I was lost for what I should write this week, our team's GroupMe conversation sparked an idea. Why not write about something so many people can relate to? So, here it goes.

For as long as I can remember I have been incredibly awkward around people I find attractive. It's terrible. Really, it is. I could be in a conversation with a friend of mine, and a cute guy could walk in and my arms do weird things. I don't know how it happens.

I don't know why it happens, but it does. It's horrifying.

If I am around a guy who I am interested in, I probably won't know how to talk. I will say things I wouldn't usually say. I know for a fact I'm beet red and my already overactive sweat glands are even more active now.

Let me tell you a story. I was still in high school at the time and a crush on a guy in my class. Anytime he talked me I was flustered. We could be talking about napkins in the cafeteria, and I wouldn't know what to do with my arms or legs. I would try to make eye contact with him, but I was so smitten I didn't have any clue how to be "normal."

Anyways, I think I have always been like this, but maybe not. If I haven't I want to know why it started in high school instead of ended in high school. I'm not kidding. I become so awkward because I am so attracted to these guys who make me laugh and smile all the time, I simply don't know what to do. My friends have tried to help me, but I remain the same. I am still the good 'ole squat and throw peace signs up when a cute boy talks to me. I'm kidding I don't do that. I have taught myself that's not what people do.

I would also love to tell you about the time I almost went into the boys' bathroom at school because a cute boy was nearby. It was freshman year in high school. I was at my friend's locker and she asked me if I could throw something away for her. I said yes. I turned around to look for a trashcan. I saw one out of the corner of my eye in the boys' bathroom. Keep in mind, it was about 7 a.m. at this time. Without thinking about it, I start to walk. I see this cute guy and I walk faster to avoid an uncomfortable run-in. I hear my friends shout: "Emily, NO, that's the boys' bathroom." Of course, I sprint away. He saw me later on and brought it up. I couldn't look at him because I was so embarrassed.

There are so many stories I could tell you, but I don't want to embarrass myself too much because I already do that enough. I'm definitely not the person who is great at expressing feelings in the right away in the moment. I don't mean to avoid it, I am simply not good at it. To sum it up, I guess I could say it's okay to be awkward around people you find attractive. It's okay to be flustered and not know what to do. At one point, you'll have to decide if you want them to know or not. If not, that's okay. If you do, I'm rooting for you!

One more thing, I have this recurring nightmare I'm going to embarrass myself at my wedding that doesn't exist. If that doesn't tell you something, then I'm positive you are never awkward or weird around people you find attractive. Let's remember, we're all in this together! Whether we are awkward or not, let's support each other and root people on! Now go be uncomfortable around people you think are cute!

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1. You’ll always know what to get them for Christmas. Or their birthday. Or literally any holiday.

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Cover Image Credit: hdwallpapers

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Having a Partner with the Opposite Personality

From one who relies on personality psychology like some rely on horoscopes, here is my experience dating someone who I thought I would never be with.


"Opposites attract" claims the old adage backed by science and society. I never thought the phrase would apply to my life -- the closest people I had ever been to were similar to me in interests, beliefs, and lifestyles. Although not carbon copies of myself, I am able to share passions and events with them, which I love. Everyone, including me, loves to be understood.

Because of the people I am closest to, I assumed this attraction to like-minded people would carry over into my dating life. After years of failed attempts at relationships in high school, I finally met a guy who I thought was similar enough to me to actually lead somewhere -- but this also flopped. I was left hurt, disillusioned, and disheartened. My reasoning went along the lines of "Well if it didn't work out with someone like him, who will?"

Some months of moping (and another unsuccessful attempt at a relationship) later, I eventually met the guy I would spend the next two years with. I was attracted to his humor, kindness, and intelligence. As we got to know each other, we learned I liked to read, and he liked to watch movies. I liked to go on walks, he liked to lounge on the couch. I liked to sing, he liked to listen to instrumental music. I liked to wake up early, he liked to stay up late. Now he's an engineering major, and I'm an English major. Of course, there were things we had in common, but I never had imagined I would be with someone who wouldn't be able to discuss books with for hours on end.

Our differences ran deeper -- when we became interested in 16personalities and Meyers-Briggs, it revealed our personalities were almost complete opposites. I am an ENFP, extroverted and emotional, and he is an ISTP, introverted and logical. Even so, we were surprised to see each other's types listed as "challenging opposites." According to Truity, challenging opposites have "the most potential for personality clash and conflict" and "because people of these types have fundamentally different values and motivations ... initially, it may seem impossible to relate."

Sometimes, it did seem impossible to relate. He would do things that were very hard for me to understand, and I would become upset for reasons he did not understand. If he thinks something does not need to be said, he probably won't say it, while I often need and appreciate romantic validation and emotional affirmation. He thinks differently than I do, and I see the world differently than he does. The most difficult times during our relationship were instigated by differences in personality related to communication, understanding, and more.

But we got through these times. Truity also claims challenging opposites have "the best opportunities for growth" and "because they are so different, their strengths are the [other's] weaknesses, and ... they can learn a tremendous amount from each other." This has proven to be true for us. Each time we came out of struggles, we understood each other a little more. I have learned to compromise and empathize more. He has learned to communicate his feelings more and understand the emotional roller coaster I sometimes ride.

Dating someone with the opposite personality of you provides an opportunity for growth with each other and individually. It makes you see and think differently, and opens up new opportunities to learn and share. It's exciting for someone to introduce a new world or way to think to you, and for you to do the same for them. You can get advice you never thought of, do what you never thought you'd do. At the end of the day, it matters less about differences in interests and personalities, but more about the love for the character and essence of your attraction to your opposite partner.

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