There's a creative in all of us. Whether you aspire to be a chef or an engineer, a graphic designer or a teacher, there's room for creativity in every field. The things that amaze us and draw our attention, such as the Eiffel Tower, Disney World, AR & VR technology, or even cronuts come from the creative minds of innovative people.

When I started applying for jobs, I had professors, bosses, co-workers and friends all tell me I needed this, that, and the other to be the ultimate creative. Well, after some experience of my own, I quickly learned it takes much more than this, that, or the other. It takes everything - and a cup of coffee.

Here's my list for aspiring creatives:

1. A sense of humor

2. Your own website

3. Ability to work well with a team

4. Ability to lead a team

5. Curiosity

6. A sketchbook

7. Pens and markers that you enjoy using

8. A functioning flash drive

9. A functioning external hard drive

10. A YouTube account

11. Time to update your website

12. A resume that screams “I’M A CREATIVE, DAMMIT!”

13. Time to read/watch what’s going on in the world

14. Photoshop skills

15. Indesign skills

16. Illustrator skills

17. Video editing skills

18. Listening ears

19. A sense of cultural awareness

20. Empathy

21. Drive

22. A futuristic attitude

23. Knowing your strengths

24. Knowing your flaws

25. Knowing when you need a cup of coffee

26. Knowing when you need a drink

27. Knowing when it’s OK to swear, and when you probably shouldn’t

28. Analytics skills

29. A good relationship with the account team

30. Open and receptive to feedback

31. A goddamn subscription to Netflix.

32. Ability to realize that Hulu is on the rise, too.

33. A pair of noise-canceling headphones

34. Networking skills

35. Really cool business cards

36. “People skills”

37. Internships

38. A strong LinkedIn profile

39. The ability to consistently find ways to work smarter, not harder.

40. A great support system.

41. A decent photography background

42. Knowledge of visualization

43. Ability to make data look interesting

44. A keychain flask

45. An awesome “About Me”

46. Ability to tell a story

47. A killer portfolio

48. An endless supply of Oreos

49. Ability to give constructive criticism

50. A willingness to smile

Go out there and fly. Create. Make some freakin' magic.