Poetry On Awaiting Anticipation

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This week, I wanted to focus on anticipating an opportunity. I tried not to be too broad, but I hope there is encouragement felt within this piece. Anticipation can be a friend and foe, but all the same allow this to attract healthy and promising opportunities for you. Life is complex, but never let that keep you from doing what you truly have your heart set on; you, alone, walk your individual path. Keep yourself busy and ready to take on newer, promising prospects. I hope all of these new endeavors bring health and happiness. Onward!

Anticipation too great

You're forced to sit and wait

It would seem too easy

To appease what you have your mind set on

To either burst into tears

Or run away and become undone

What matters most is your mind is wandering

It neither settles nor stirs

Because you're curious

On which direction to turn

Yet if everyone figured it out

We'd be along the same road,

Bumping into one another

Lines blurred

Anticipation too unfocused

You're defeated to silence

Maybe it was too ambitious

Too outrageous

For you to seek

An opportunity waits

And really, that's all it takes

For you to go further than you hoped you could

Maybe it is something that lies dormant

But can be felt

Maybe it can be seen

But is far away

Let the dormant frenzy of what is potentially occurring

Come alive, inspiring those who feel they know not

Where they're going

Let the seen but far aspirations

Give way to even stronger affirmations

What you emanate in emotion is valid

Fear and courage alike

The weight in your shoulders

Or the uneasiness in your stomach

Is pure intuition

Listening with a keen ear won't lead you astray

It is easier to do what others say


Where is the originality?

Where are you to be found in that?

Anticipation can be a guide

Or guise

But it is the soul

That is always wise on what you truly need

Allow the excitement to drive you

And the exceptional unknown to thrive you

Anticipation Awaits

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