Procrastination, according to Google, is "the action of delaying or postponing something." According to me, procrastination is a way to avoid your responsibilities even for a short period of time. I think of myself as somewhat of an expert at procrastination, so to convey my "expert' opinion, I present a list of my favorite ways to procrastinate. Actually, most of these were used in the process of avoiding writing this article.

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1. Go to Subway with your roommate even though you aren’t getting anything

2. Go through all your makeup to make sure none of it is expired

3. Wash all of your makeup brushes because you haven’t done that in weeks and it needs to be done RIGHT NOW

4. Go through Facebook and stalk people you went to high school with who you don’t even like

5. Go to Taco Bell

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6. Clean under your bed

7. Make a new playlist

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8. Test every single pen to make sure they all still work even though you really only use the same two every day

9. Take a shower and double wash your hair

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10. Buy a stuffed bear

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11. Put a mustache on said stuffed bear

12. Claim you don’t know said stuffed bear is a stuffed bear

13. Post a picture with stuffed bear

14. Call Mom and listen to her tell you that you need to study more

15. Find the perfect GIF to send to the group chat

16. Watch all of Ed Sheeran’s music videos

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17. Calculate what grade you need to pass that one class

18. Refill your water bottle even though it isn’t that empty

19. Google where the next Olympics is going to be

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20. Google how much tickets are for the Olympics

21. Google how much plane tickets are to the next Olympics

22. Realize you have no money

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23. Try to make plans for this weekend

24. Realize you already have plans for this weekend

25. Realize that those plans are a birthday party

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26. Realize you don’t have a gift for said birthday party

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27. Find a gift for the birthday party

28. Realize you need to wrap the gift

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29. Find an old newspaper that you have no idea where it came from

30. Listen to the people in the hallway being annoying

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31. Complain to your roommates about the annoying people in the hallway

32. Google what “Galway” is

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33. Take a nap

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34. Shower because you need to wake up after your nap

35. Do yoga

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36. Stop doing yoga because you don’t actually know how to do yoga

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37. Watch an entire season of "Supernatural"

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38. Make Christmas decorations

39. Clean out the fridge because that hasn’t been done in a few weeks

40. Write an article

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41. Fill out your planner for next semester

42. Make a to-do list for tomorrow because lists are made to be ignored

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43. Stress out about the workload that you have this week

44. Cry

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45. Start a group video chat with your high school friends

46. Wait for the video chat to not go through because all of your friends have lives

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47. Move on to watching all of Taylor Swift’s music videos

48. Question why you aren’t making all A’s

49. Call your brother to bug him

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50. Go through your Pandora playlists from middle school

51. Reminisce about middle school

52. Regret middle school and most of high school

53. Watch Netflix

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There you go! Good luck avoiding your responsibilities. (Disclaimer: I am not responsible for whatever consequences may result from procrastination.)