10 Reasons Why Autumn Beats Summer At Everything
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10 Reasons Why Autumn Beats Summer At Everything

Take me back to pumpkin spice lattes, please.

10 Reasons Why Autumn Beats Summer At Everything

Believe it or not, I'm not a fan of summer.

Usually, when I tell my friends this, they either call me crazy or brush it off as a joke. But, seriously, I really don't like summer.

Last weekend proved that. Nearly across the United States, we experienced an excessive heat wave that made it too dangerous to step outside. Summer lovers, this is the weather you like, right?

Growing up, I knew every single kid at school wanted that three-month hiatus from school, having that temporary freedom to swim, eat ice cream and barbecue, and bathe in the sun. Most of the time, I dreaded the summer— I've always been an orange leaves and dead trees kind of guy.

Sounds dark, but it's true.

I'd highly prefer the sweater weather, short days and crisp nights. Admittedly, sometimes, it can get depressing, but autumn is one season I can say I enjoy the most. Here are ten reasons why autumn beats summer at everything every year:

1. The weather

Fiction makes summer out to be the 'best' summer ever because it's a season of fiery freedom. Everyone wants to go to the beach and tan in the sun, but they forget about those hazy, humid days and bizarre thunderstorms at night. Sometimes, summer weather is a health hazard. Autumn is the catalyst to flu season, but it's tolerable in temperatures.

Autumn weather is usually 60 degrees and lower. It's not too hot, not too cold. It's a perfect temperature to walk around in sweaters, dive in leaves, and enjoy all the things you want to do.

2. Clothing variety

Summer limits your clothing style—it's the season that forces you to show some skin to feel cool in the scorching heat. From tank tops and sandals to bathing suits and sun hats, some people enjoy it. I don't.

Autumn is pure sweater weather, with scarfs and beanies galore. Sometimes, I enjoy wearing clothes that keep me warm, instead of taking off clothes to stay cool. Unlike summer, at least you're satisfied in the end.

3. Social life

Some people say that summer increases your social life, but some people feel rather sheltered and deprived of any social activities. Most of the friends I've made in school or anywhere else are far away, and sometimes it gets too humid and sticky to go anywhere with them. On top of that, some people are rather busy with themselves.

For those that enjoy school life, autumn is a great season to reconnect with people you've missed for three months.

4. Quicker days

When Daylight Savings Time ends during spring, it leads to longer, dull days that last until 8 P.M. People love when the days go slower, but you lose that beautiful hour of sleep. However, when days go by faster, there's so much you can still do.

In the fall, Daylight Savings Time begins, and the days end around 5 P.M. and the sun rises at 7 A.M. Quicker days in the fall usually makes the end of the year go by swiftly, and honestly, if all 365 days were this way, we'd be more willing to enjoy ourselves.

5. The treats

A temporary farewell to ice cream, pina coladas, pretzels, and July barbecues.

A hello to apple cider, pumpkin spice flavors, Halloween candy, and a hearty Thanksgiving dinner.

6. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the festive holiday that doesn't make you feel bad for eating. It's a time to spend with your family and a time to treat yourself with gluttony.

7. Television

If you're a fan of keeping up with your favorite television shows that only air in the fall, you know you're in luck. Let's be honest, this reason is why summer sucks as a whole. Summer deprives you of your favorite shows and you have to wait nearly four months to watch it. Instead, you binge-watch Netflix television shows or watch other shows that come only in the summer, and that doesn't help.

8. Halloween

I'll say Halloween is one of those holidays that are really for kids, but no one can turn down the costume contests and free candy.

9. Aesthetics

Autumn is a season that's a sight to see. It has Instagram potential all around. I would very much prefer roaming around my hometown or college and basking in the crisp weather, viewing the orange-brown leaves falling on the ground like so. It's better than those trite afternoons at the beach.

10. A cycle

Autumn is the end of nature's cycle. It prepares us for winter, the coldest of all, and leads us into spring, where everything grows and life starts over again. Autumn is nothing but a beautiful destruction, and taking it all in is aesthetically pleasing.

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