It is every white girl on Twitter and/or Tumblr's favorite time of year. Autumn. Or as they call it "fall."

To be honest, this is one of the many things on the Internet that I do not understand or like. And I forgot how much I don't understand and how much I hate this phenomenon until this recent autumn.

You may ask: "Why?"

Because autumn is terrible. It's the second worst season behind winter, which is obviously terrible.

However, people have seemingly forgotten all the absolutely horrible things about autumn for the sake of posting stuff on social media. Similar to other terrible things.

People, please, stop it. Instagram photos and tweets are not the end all be all. There's probably a few articles on the Odyssey denouncing faking stuff for Instagram.

And we should start with autumn.

Here is everything about autumn that we need to stop pretending is great.

First of all, pumpkin spice lattes are gross. Pumpkin, in general, is gross.

Ugg boots are called Uggs for a reason, they're ugly. And they don't offer support for your feet.

Also, fall fashion might be stylish, but it's not fun to wear. Long sleeves and scarves can just feel suffocating. Summer and spring clothes are way more comfortable and stylish.

It also starts getting cold, and who likes the cold?

And the other type of cold starts going around. Along with sore throats and influenza, which I know for a fact no one likes.