Netflix just released an amazing documentary following the lives of two very important sexual assault cases. Audrie and Daisy is about two girls who were sexually assaulted back in 2012. Though they lived across the country from each other, there cases where eerily similar. Sadly Audrie ended up taking her own life just eight days after her assault. If that doesn’t prove how quickly something like this can completely ruin someone's life I don't know what else could. It took a little over a week for this young girl who had a huge future ahead of her to feel like she had nowhere else to turn. She felt that at 15 years old she had nowhere else to go and that her reputation was ruined to the point of no return.

We live in a time where we are still trying to figure out how to approach social media during this horrific events. Society is still trying to understand and grasp the effect social media has on events such as sexual assault. Not that long ago, media wasn’t even a part of sexual assault. Photos weren’t shared of victims, messages weren’t spread. We are trying to adapt to a constantly changing world, but can we ever really catch up?

Until people are educated about the impact they have on each person lives, they will continue to do these horrific things. We can put up as many blocks as we want, as many “sensitive content” screens, but these things will continue to happen.

There are many people who choose to send out pictures of themselves, but that doesn’t mean these private images can be spread at the will of whoever received them. Too many times people have sent an image to someone they trust who has then sent the image to a countless number of people. We as a society are still trying to catch up on how technology is affecting how sexual assault and harassment is seen.

It is not uncommon for young girls to be asked for pictures, and blatantly disrespected when they say no. Over recent years, young girls feel pressured to do these type of things because it is what “everyone is doing.” What many people don’t realize is that with the new use of technology, there are so many new sides and results to sexual harassment and sexual assault.

This document shows how sexual assault has basically become an issue that affects every aspect of someone's life. Tweets were made, facebook messages, text messages, etc, about these two young girls. They were harassed because they stood up to what happened to them. Not just them, but their families lives were totally turned upside down because of someone else lack of respect. One family had to get up and move, while another lost their daughter.

This documentary goes deep into the lives of people who have dealt with the unimaginable. Audrie and Daisy are two very important stories because it just proves how one action can completely change someone.

Luckily, Daisy got the help she needed, but not without struggling. She even tried to take her own life, just as Audrie had. But with the support of her family, she has managed to get through her struggles.

The documentary shows the struggles, but the overall outcomes of the victims. Where they are today, and what they are doing with their lives. I hope anyone who watches this movie is as moved as I was. I also hope that for anyone who has gone through this, they see that they aren’t the only ones. This documentary proves that everyone is fighting a battle and everyone can get through it. You just have to keep on fighting, no matter how hard the upcoming road may seem, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.