Yep, you read that right! I really did audition for "American Idol," and I really did embarrass myself. But I also had the absolute best time pushing myself into something that I would never ordinarily do. I'm not even a singer, at least not in front of other people, and yet I still decided to sign up and get thrown into the insanely talented mix. Just because I could.

Ever since I was little, I loved watching "American Idol" with my family and running through the living room to the beat of the music with my twin sister. So when the end of the last season advertised the new auditions, I thought, "Wow, wouldn't it be so incredibly interesting and amazing to be able to audition for the show?" And shortly after, I realized this: Why couldn't I? The only thing stopping me was myself and my own idea that not everyone could-or rather shouldn't-audition.

I told everyone and their mother that I was auditioning for the show so I was held accountable to go through with it. When I arrived at the audition convention center, I nearly backed out until I remembered all the people waiting for a great story when I got back, and I was not planning on letting them down. So I urge you to take a step out of your comfort zone and hold yourself accountable for doing so! I was living in the moment and I held on to that moment for as long as could! Still holding, even now.

Recently, I found a picture of a Venn diagram with "comfort zone" written on one circle and "things that make life worthwhile and interesting" on the other. This idea perfectly describes my new mindset for life. Nothing amazing can happen from staying in your comfort zone all the time-the amazing memories we make are often those outside of our safety bubbles.

I think that we all have certain notions that some experiences aren't meant for us because we are not the people that the experience is catering towards. Yet just because we may not be the exact fit for the situation doesn't mean that we can not make the experience fit us! I realized that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to experience all that you can, even if nothing becomes of it. Because something did become of it- I left the audition with a new friend I met in line and a unique story that I can forever use as an icebreaker fun-fact, and that alone is a success in my book!

Now, sitting here on my couch, patiently waiting for the new season of American Idol to come out so I can watch in wonder at all those who did make it through the auditions, I urge you to do something that you've always wanted to do but didn't because you felt you weren't the right fit. We are all fit for something and in the process of finding what that is you may also find yourself making memories of a lifetime!