I'm sure you have all heard about Autism, a communicative and social-interactive disorder. Since the early 2000s, the disorder has become considered an epidemic as the number of diagnoses increases drastically each year. There are several speculations as to why the numbers continue to rise, but the true cause is unknown.

Because Autistic persons have a wide variety of social and communicative difficulties, they are often unable to fully engage in society, which can lead to feelings of isolation and exclusion. However, many Autistic persons excel in other specific skills and have gifted talents. They can be truly amazing artists, mathematicians, musicians, sports enthusiasts, etc.

Audible for Autism in a 501c-3 pending organization that takes the rise of Autism, the challenges that come with the disorder, and the talents of Autistic persons seriously. The football based Autistic Therapy Program has a goal of motivating those with Autism by including them in all aspects of their events.

What does an Audible for Autism event entail?

It all revolves around football. An Autistic child is chosen to kick off the event by singing the National Anthem and another two are given the opportunity to score a touchdown during the half-time show. The program employs Autistic persons to perform a number of tasks and includes them in many other ways, too, depending on the person's own interests for the "best night of [their] lives."

You can get involved in the program by making a donation or coming out to one of their events! The next big event is at the Wells Fargo Center with the Philadelphia Soul on June 10th at 4 pm. There will be the Shining Lights Sports Therapy festival following the game and a Spectrum Talent Showcase from 7-9pm. Tickets can be purchased on the Audible for Autism website, http://audibleforautism.com/. You can also find out more information about the program on the website. I suggest watching the videos (not just because I'm in them, but because they are awesome).